Covert 19 – Point 2: T5 Euthanasia Program?

In 1939, the Nazi T4 Euthanasia Program, named for its address in Berlin,  Tiergartenstrasse 4, established a new bureaucracy headed by physicians to kill anyone deemed to have a “life unworthy of living” – the incurably ill, physically or mentally disabled, emotionally distraught, and elderly people.

This transformation of physicians into killers required the appearance of scientific justification. The real reason, however, was economic, despite the enthusiastic endorsement by eugenicists. The victims were referred to as “burdensome lives” and “useless eaters.” Mental institutions throughout the Reich were instructed to “neglect” their patients by withholding food and medical treatment.

From its inception in 1939 to 1941, when it was officially disbanded, the Nazi T4 program killed 70,000 victims. Then it continued covertly until the Nazi’s defeat in 1945, bringing the total to over 200,000.

Is the UK government in occupation, one door away?

A paper produced by a UK cabinet sub-committee  suggested avoidable deaths from the lockdown  “could be as high as 150,000” – far more than the virus it’s meant to stop.

Quoted in April, Professor Karol Sikora, former cancer care advisor to the W.H.O, estimated that over the next six months in the UK up to 60,000 cancer patients will die and approximately 15,000 patients – of all ages – will suffer illness or be forced to undergo unnecessary invasive treatments due to the loss of cancer services.

The Guardian reported in June that 63,000 more people than normal died in the UK from the start of Lockdown to May 29th.

British Medical Journal paper has stated“Only a third of the excess deaths seen in the community in England and Wales can be explained by Covid-19.”

If this applied for the whole of the UK, then that would give a remarkable figure of around 41,000 non-Covid related deaths, leaving 21,000 due to the virus itself. This is just over half the official figure of 40,000.

That is assuming the death certificates for that one-third can be trusted, which is by no means the case. As covered in point 1, the PCR tests are significantly skewed towards false positives. Even a genuine positive is simply picking up a fragment of RNA, which may even be a mere remnant of an infection that was seen off months ago. Someone dying of a heart attack from lack of medical attention, who had this fragment of RNA picked by the skewed test would be registered as having died with Covid-19.

What then was the real cause of these non-Covid deaths?

Across the UK and the world:

  • Hospital wards were emptied in anticipation of a deluge of Covid-19 patients which never arrived
  • A&E was operating at 30%
  • All “non-essential” surgery was cancelled
  • Care for cancer and heart patients was drastically curtailed
  • GP cover was reduced to video conferencing
  • Fear mongering by the mainstream media dissuaded many from seeking medical care in the first place

However, the most severe dereliction of duty seems to have occurred in care homes where 57% of deaths occurred. The institutions responsible for the medical care of their vulnerable residents, 70% of whom suffer from dementia, seem to have gone out of their way to abandon them in their final hours.

Deeply concerning measures put in place included:

  • Blanket Do Not Resuscitate orders with no consultation with family members.
  • Instructions not to call emergency services
  • Reduced staff – in some cases residents were left malnourished and dehydrated
  • Infected patients returned from hospitals to the care homes which caused the virus to spread like wildfire

96% of patients who died with Covid-19, had existing pre-conditions, ensuring the decimation of the elderly in care homes.

One could be forgiven for surmising that, rather than mere gross negligence, a sinister cull to reduce care costs was put in place across the world.

Indeed, this is the conclusion of Denis Rancourt, Ph.D, former full professor of physics and  researcher with the Ontario Civil Liberties Association in Canada:

“The latest data of all-cause mortality by week does not show a winter-burden mortality that is statistically larger than for past winters. There was no plague. However, a sharp “COVID peak” is present in the data, for several jurisdictions in Europe and the USA. This all-cause-mortality “COVID peak” has unique characteristics:

  • Its sharpness, with a full-width at half-maximum of only approximately 4 weeks;
  • Its lateness in the infectious-season cycle, surging after week-11 of 2020, which is unprecedented for any large sharp-peak feature;
  • The synchronicity of the onset of its surge, across continents, and immediately following the WHO declaration of the pandemic; and
  • Its USA state-to-state absence or presence for the same viral ecology on the same territory, being correlated with nursing home events and government actions rather than any known viral strain discernment.

These “COVID peak” characteristics, and a review of the epidemiological history, and of relevant knowledge about viral respiratory diseases, lead me to postulate that the “COVID peak” results from an accelerated mass homicide of immune-vulnerable individuals, and individuals made more immune-vulnerable, by government and institutional actions, rather than being an epidemiological signature of a novel virus, irrespective of the degree to which the virus is novel from the perspective of viral speciation.”

All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response

Rancourt’s view is shared by Iain Davis who hits the nail on the head:

“COVID-19 has been circulating for at least a year and yet there was no notable increase in unseasonable mortality anywhere until Lockdown regimes were imposed between late February and late March 2020. Let me repeat that: everywhere, the overall or “all cause” mortality data consistently tells the same story: there was no notable deviation from the statistical norm in any country until lockdown regimes were imposed.”

Lockdown Deaths, Not Covid Deaths

This “unseasonable mortality” this “accelerated mass homicide” after lockdown regime imposition would appear to have been masked by the coronavirus itself. Or rather the false impression of Covid-19 infection and fatality rate engendered by the initial bias of PCR testing confined towards the elderly and immune-compromised. This, along with false positives and even assumptions of infection without testing, ensured that the virus seemed more lethal than it actually was. This was enough to take the public’s eye off the ball.

These concerns are taken to their logical conclusion by Dr Kevin Corbett who writes:

“The deadly coordinated command-and-control known in 1930s Germany as Gleichschaltung was the key characteristic of 1930s totalitarian domination of German society. This process was later termed by historians as ‘Nazification’. Since January 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) government has similarly introduced a system of coordinated command and control over all aspects of its National Health Service (NHS). The aim is to bring the NHS into line with its‘Covid-19’ contagion propaganda.”


As I write, the state seems desperate to muzzle the general populace, puff up the infection statistics once again, and gloss over the unseasonal death spike with fear of its manufactured virus. All in an attempt to inveigle us as accomplices in this insidious program.

As to the “worsening situation” regarding hospitalisations I refer you to this publication:

NHS hospital bed numbers: past, present, future


I have ascertained from this that, of the total number of beds throughout 2018/2019, 127,182 were occupied on average, regularly exceeding 133,950 in the winter.

Comparing this with NHS statistics this year for October: 

COVID-19 Hospital Activity

We see that on 01st October, a total of 113,575 beds were occupied, significantly less than the average for last year. Of these, 2,069 were covid19 confirmed with 285 of those patients intubated out of a total of 2,702 ventilator beds.

  • I put it you that there is an increase in the number of hospitalisations for the same reason there is always an increase every year – winter is coming.


  • I put it to you that there is a corresponding increase in the number of covid19 hospitalisations for the same reason there is an increase in presumptive diagnosis based on a hyper-projection of non-specific symptoms, coupled with hyper-sensitive and biased PCR testing, magnifying the official statistics.


  • I put it to you that there is a corresponding increase in the number of covid19 patients put on ventilators for the same reason there was during the original lockdown – elective intubation. Patients, who would normally receive oxygen via nebulisers were and are being fast-tracked into having unnecessary oxygen-delivery tubes introduced into their tracheae, requiring anaesthetics. This significantly reduces the chance of survival.

As Dr Kevin Corbett states:

“The latter are some of the most hazardous and intensive medical interventions any patient can receive.”

Will the people of the UK allow the privately-owned government to mask over the murder of its most vulnerable members?

Will T5 be allowed to proceed?

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