COVAX through the Looking Glass Part 6

Call Alice

When she was just small

In part 5, inspired by Rupert Sheldrake, we viewed the superorganism that is humanity as a morphic field nested within a holarchy of morphic fields, ranging up from the numerous species of plants and animals, ecosystems, the earth, other planets, solar systems, galaxies to the universe itself. In turn, the humanity field nests a holarchy of smaller morphic fields, from social groups, individual organisms, organ systems, organs, tissues, cells, molecules, to atoms and quanta. All these fields exhibit varying degrees of quantum coherence, the quality that enables fields to function as differentiated yet unified wholes as posited by Mae Wan Ho.

I suggested that nested within the field of humanity is the imaginal field, that 10% composed of individuals who hold the primal memory and the vision of a renewed society where liberty, autonomy and freedom of choice hold precedence. Resonant to the imaginal cells of the caterpillar, the imaginal individuals keep coming, connecting to one another, morphically resonating, forming clusters, communicating, simultaneously and individually organizing themselves according to the new vision of the whole. The more aligned the thoughts, ideas and actions that arise from the imaginal field, the more powerful and coherent it becomes, enough to bring on the metamorphosis into humanity’s analogue to the butterfly.

This transformation will be fraught with difficulties, however. Not least is the stark reality that the 80% majority of humanity has been under the thrall of the remaining 10%, the dominant individuals who compose the parasite field, who have long fed off its substance and prevented the metamorphosis.

Parasitic Voodoo

We have an analogy for this parasite field which meshes well with our butterfly analogy.

Caterpillars, in addition to threats from hungry birds and insects, face one of particular cruelty – the larvae of insects such as wasps that have had their eggs lain inside the caterpillar egg, the caterpillar itself or the chrysalis, the space of transition.

Some species of wasp lay their own eggs inside the eggs of the caterpillar just before it hatches. Some wait until the caterpillar has hatched from its egg to inject. Nearly Every stage – egg, caterpillar and cocoon – except that of the butterfly, can be invaded.

Importantly, whenever such an egg is lain, the wasp injects an insidious weapon along with it. A dose of virus particles called polydnaviruses. These contain viral mRNAs that compel the caterpillar to express proteins that modify the host’s defences and physiology. They disable the caterpillar’s immune system, preventing it attacking the wasp eggs and also bring about paralysis, keeping the host from pupating. The unfortunate victim is transformed into a perpetual juvenile delinquent, a living long-term larder for the larvae.

Parasitoid wasp - Wikipedia

Astute readers will recognise other forms of parasites that inject viral mRNAs which compel their hosts to modify their defences and physiology

These viral mRNAs from the wasp are actually transcribed into the caterpillar’s own DNA that codes for the proteins that render it helpless. The caterpillar manufactures its own poison. Remarkably, the viral DNA that codes for the proteins that form the capsid, the coat of the viral particles, is integrated into the wasp genome. This viral DNA belongs to a family of insect pathogens known as nudiviruses. While the wasp hijacked the system to emplace its own mRNA into the virus particles, the viral DNA coding for the proteins to build the coat and package the mRNA into the viral particles, comes from the nudivirus segment of the wasp genome.

This mutually beneficial relationship between the wasp and virus seems to have coevolved  over the aeons from approximately 100 million years ago, when these viruses are thought to have infected the parasitic wasps. This collusion between wasp and virus, this interspecific conspiracy, has enabled certain wasps to evolve into such efficient parasites.

While such a wasp larva nests inside a caterpillar egg or inside its flesh, feeding off the nutrients, and drinking its blood, it keeps its host alive by avoiding damage to the vital organs. The caterpillar unaware of its fate, grows as it eats. When the larva is ready to undergo its own metamorphosis into a wasp, it eats its way from the inside to the outside of its host using specialised teeth.

Usually, the caterpillar dies in the process, but there are some wasp species that ensure that the wounded host does not die. Around eighty or so fully developed larvae of the Glyptapanteles wasp, after eating their way through a geometrid caterpillar, attach themselves to a nearby branch and wrap a cocoon around themselves.

What happens next is particularly disturbing. In an insect version of Stockholm syndrome, the caterpillar, still alive but neither moving nor eating, stands guard over the cocoons. It is thought that one or two parasite larvae remain inside the host to control its behaviour and order it to protect the rest of the brood. Should any bugs that prey upon wasp larvae approach, they are knocked off the branch by the parasitized bodyguard. It is likely that such control is brought about by means of mRNA secreted into the bloodstream of the caterpillar.

The zombie caterpillar remains alive for as long as the wasp larvae require its services, the moment of death attuned to the hatching of the adult wasps which then begin the parasitic cycle anew.

Life cycle of parasitoid wasps and Polydnaviruses (PDVs) parasitizing a...  | Download Scientific Diagram

These wasp larvae begin as parasites in or on the body of the host but they end up as predators, eating the host entirely or disposing of it when it has served its purpose. This technically makes them parasitoids. Roughly 10% of all described insect species are parasitoids. The parasitoid wasp species can parasitise up to around 70% of a particular caterpillar population. Sci-Fi afficionados will recognize the inspiration for James Cameron’s Alien.

Morpho-parasitic Fields

If we couch this in terms of Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields theory which suggests that organisms are shaped by fields both within and around them, fields containing the potential form, we can view this as follows.

The caterpillar egg contains, within and around it, the caterpillar field, reflected in but not limited to the caterpillar genome. The caterpillar contains, nested within its caterpillar field, the butterfly field, reflected in but not limited to the butterfly segment of the caterpillar genome.

The wasp egg contains, within and around it the wasp larval field, which contains, nested within it, the wasp field reflected in but not limited to the wasp genome.

Nested within the parisitoid wasp field, is the viral field reflected in but not limited to the viral segment of the wasp genome and the polydnaviral field, itself a symbiotic fusion of the two fields.

The parisitoid wasp field parasitizes the caterpillar field by injecting the wasp larval and polydnaviral fields into it.

The parasitized caterpillar field contains nested within it, the butterfly, the parisitoid wasp larval and the polydnaviral particle fields.

The polydnaviral particles contain the mRNA  involved in the coding for the sequence of amino acids which form proteins: the materials from which the body is constructed. Like DNA, it does not code for the plan, the form that the body takes. Morphogenetic fields, operating like an invisible soul, take care of that. Likewise, the meme of paralysis and zombification cannot be located on any of the molecules that make up the mRNA. The dark soul of the parisitoid wasp operates non-locally, around and within the mRNA.

Morphogenetic fields, containing and transcending the concept of genes and memes, regulate the fields of both form and behaviour. Thus, the polydnaviral field induces the desired physiological changes and behaviour in the parasitized caterpillar field, paralysing it and preventing its metamorphosis, enabling the parisitoid wasp larval field to feed off its substance and compel it to do its bidding until it is ready to undergo its own metamorphosis into the parisitoid wasp field.

Bite ‘em ad infinitum

“So, naturalists observe, a flea

Has smaller fleas that on him prey;

And these have smaller still to bite ’em;

And so proceed ad infinitum.”

Jonathan Swift

As all things resonate within the holoverse of morphic fields, the parisitoid wasp attuned to all parisitoid wasps is resonant with the parasite field of all parasites.

From the primordial parasites – the viruses both single-stranded RNA and double-stranded DNA, to bacteria, protozoa, fungi, plants and animals such as flatworms, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, flukes, leeches, ticks, mites, lice, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, parasitoid wasps and vampire bats.

Parasites, as articulated by Carl Zimmer, have, over aeons of intimate co-evolution with their hosts, evolved a very sophisticated modus operandi. A modus operandi involving the use of some or all of a range of sinister strategies based around stealth and deception.

Nearly all biological parasites tend to live in part, or in whole, in or on the bloodstreams of their hosts. Blood is the primary source of food but also a means of transport.

The blood fluke, a parasitic flatworm that enters the veins after hitching a ride from faecal-infested water on a tiny snail that burrows through the host’s skin, have a particularly gruesome yet efficient modus operandi. Like Hannibal Lecter, it tears out some molecules from its host’s blood cells and uses them to fashion a cloak to conceal itself from the gaze of the immune system.

Tsetse flies are the vector for trypanosomes, the drill-bit-shaped parasitic cells that swim in the bloodstream alongside blood cells, multiplying furiously, reaching even through the blood-brain barrier and causing sleeping sickness which kills 3 million per year. As the immune system mounts a defence against them, they alter their coat proteins to remain concealed, and a new contingent continues multiplying. This bait-and-switch strategy drives the immune system into wild oscillations, repeated waves of boom and bust on the host’s own body leading to chronic overstimulation and death.

The plasmodium parasite, transmitted by mosquitoes and causing malaria which kills around 2.7 million per year, employs mind control on its secondary host. It alters the behaviour of the mosquito that takes the form of an enhanced craving for blood. This doubles its blood intake from mammals, making it a far more effective vector for the parasite.

Once inside its primary host, the parasite travels along blood vessel walls with hooks that also latch onto blood cells, then enters and feeds off the haemoglobin. It raises the metabolic rate of the host cell by 350 times in order to reproduce itself. Like polymorphic computer viruses, the parasites regularly change the configuration of these latches that jut out from the surface of the infected blood cells in order to escape detection by the immune system. They also use proteins to make the host cells stick to capillary walls. Exacerbated by platelets which bind to infected blood cells as part of the immune response, this can lead to potentially fatal clotting in the brain, liver, and other organs. This helps the parasites avoid the spleen, which destroys old and damaged red blood cells.

Note the similarities with the way platelets bind to the gene-therapy/vaccine induced spike proteins that have found their way into the blood stream leading to the same symptoms of clotting in the vessels that supply vital organs.

Leishmania, a single-celled parasite related to trypanosomes, and spread by sandflies, infects macrophages, the immune system cells that destroy parasites by engulfing and digesting them.

As Carl Zimmer puts it, they are like:

“…an enemy spy that knocks on the door of the headquarters and asks to be arrested.”

Once inside, the parasite, rather than being dismantled, makes itself at home and takes over the functioning of the host macrophage.

Several parasites influence, with surgical precision, the behaviour of the host so it becomes more likely to be eaten by the next host in the chain.

For example, Toxoplasma gondii, a protozoan parasite, lives part of its cycle in rats. Rats have a healthy fear of new environments, particularly those that exude cat smells. Yet, infected rats have no such concerns, they even seek them out, in effect becoming suicidal rats more likely to be eaten by grateful cats, the next link in the parasite chain.

The same parasite has even been shown to alter human behaviour. The infected, become less willing to submit to the moral standards of a community, less worried about being punished for breaking society’s rules, and more distrustful of other people…

Before the reader draws the analogy to anti-lockdown protestors, consider first that it is those who impose lockdown policies that, without batting an eyelid, have done away with moral standards, broken the social contract and both exhibited and engendered distrust throughout humanity!

It is the parasitoid wasps, in primaeval collusion with hyper-parasitic viruses that grant us the most evocative metaphor for mind-control and zombification. We have already held the caterpillar-parasitizing variety under the glass. Let us now take a look at those who prey on spiders.

The Zatypota species of parasitic wasp infests the social Anelosimus eximius spider, of the Ecquadorian Amazon. It lays eggs on the abdomen of the spider. When the larva hatches, it then feeds upon its host’s blood, growing until it subsumes much of the spider’s body. As it feeds, it injects a brain-altering hormone into the spider’s blood stream. This hormone hijacks the host’s brain and behaviour, compelling it to abandon its colony and build a cocoon web. The parasitic wasp larva then devours what is left of its host and slithers into the cocoon which it uses an incubator. After it emerges as a mature wasp, the cycle begins anew.

The strategies that parasites employ include:

  • Invisibility through camouflage
  • Evasion, distraction and misdirection of the host immune system
  • Use of decoys
  • Bait & switch
  • Infiltration of the host immune system
  • Mind control & zombification

We can view these strategies, favoured by parasites, as more than evolutionary memes, indeed on a deeper level, as morphic fields that have been accessed and contributed to by countless species.

Imaginative readers will see that humans, and groups of humans have evolved morphic resonance with these fields in their interactions both inter-specifically, with other species, and intra-specifically, with fellow humans.

The Parasite Class

Those humans that have employed these strategies upon their fellows for their own ends, whether consciously or otherwise, are the polar opposite counterparts to those who make up the imaginal field. Just as 10% of insect species are parisitoids, around 10% of humans are sociopaths. The key feature of sociopathy is a lack of empathy. At the extreme end of this continuum, composing 1% of humans we find the psychopaths. The key feature of psychopathy is the absence of empathy. This empathy-shaped hole engenders a lack or absence of remorse, morality, honesty and an over-abundance of self-interest.

While all humans are capable of employing the strategies of stealth and deception used by parasites, sociopaths and psychopaths will have little or no compunction in applying them to other humans. This makes them the intra-specific human analog to parisitoids – parasite and predator rolled into one.

Evidently, humans with a greater degree of intelligence will be more successful in using the parasitic strategies and those with no compunction in employing them on other humans to selfish ends will find themselves in key positions of influence. That’s just the way our society is currently configured, with sociopaths and psychopaths concentrated at the top of the food chain.

It has been suggested that about 2% of the population are very gifted, with an IQ above 130. If that is so, then we can expect the intellectually gifted sociopaths to compose around 0.2% of the population, which is about 133,000 people in the UK. For psychopaths, it would be around 0.02% of the population, which is about 13,000 in the UK.

However, it is well established now that in the business world, and indeed, life, the most competent, capable and effective individuals are those with high Emotional Intelligence – EQ, estimated as around 4 times more important than IQ. The core qualities of EQ are empathy, motivation, self-awareness, self-regulation and social skills.

At first glance, this would suggest that sociopaths and psychopaths would not possess such qualities. Sustained scrutiny will reveal that all these qualities can be simulated.

An extremely insidious sub-class of sociopaths and psychopaths are the so-called “dark empaths” not to be confused with genuine empaths. Dark empaths are not true empaths at all, they are in fact, Machiavellian sociopaths that have become proficient in the intellectual simulation of empathy. This emotional mimicry is resonant with parasitic mimicry, where a parasite mimics its host like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This ability to weaponize empathy puts them firmly in the parasitoid class. Indeed, empaths are often the target of such camouflaged sociopaths, as they are easily manipulated by them. As this mockery of EQ has been mimicked by those with a high IQ, this sub-class of high-functioning sociopaths are likely to be synonymous with those 0.2% who are highly-gifted intellectually. Although they have minimal or no contact with their core self, their soul, these individuals can show an extraordinary degree of self-discipline, emotional mimicry, capacity for subtle social manipulation and self-interested motivation.

The high-functioning sociopaths are very successful in camouflaging their nature from the general public. To see them in their true form, one must look with the corners of one’s eyes, past the perception filters of social acceptability. They are masters at manipulation, exploitation, cheating and stealing. Their mind control involves the cognitive distortion of their victims, using suggestion to show themselves in a fake positive light and others in a fake negative light, grooming a network of patrons and pawns until they reach their goal at or near the top of the hierarchy.

The members of this morpho-parasitic field can be seen as resonating, communicating and organizing, both consciously and sub-consciously, just as the individuals composing the imaginal field. The nature of the coherence (conspiracy) differs however, exhibiting a ruthless hierarchy, one based on threats and rewards. The power and coherence of the parasite field has grown through history to this day to an unprecedented extent.

Welcome to…

The Corporation

An organization, a social group, authorized by a state to act as a single entity recognised in law. This Hobbesian vision of a Leviathon reined in by the social contract, can be expanded by Sheldrake’s vision of morphic fields of superorganisms.

More then, than a legal charter and masked front, it can indeed be seen as a living entity in itself, more than the sum of the  individuals that compose it. Yet those individuals influence its nature just as it influences their individual natures.

The evidence is clear that sociopaths are over-represented in management positions. High-functioning sociopaths and psychopaths will be concentrated at the top as senior management, owners and primary share-holders, lording it over the wage-slaves that labour under them in a hierarchy of parasitology. The sociopathic field nested within the overall field of the corporation will dominate in much the same way as the parisitoid wasp larvae dominate the caterpillar victim.

The Sociopathic Super Syndicate

Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Woodrow Wilson

Just as individuals collude together, so it is with corporations. They can interlock to form syndicates. A sociopathic business syndicate is a group of entities that share the same sociopathic self-interest. Like parisitoids, they infiltrate, control, feed upon and bust out of victim corporations which may end in the death of the corporation – liquidation and recycling of its assets or a takeover where it becomes another zombified host member of the syndicate.

Although this usually occurs under a smokescreen of legality, it is a fundamentally in-ethical and fraudulent activity.

In fact, organized crime syndicates are the same phenomena, also run by hierarchies of sociopaths and psychopaths. The official narrative we are fed tells us that these are the enemies of police and law enforcement agencies. While this maybe true of smaller, more independent gangs, for the larger syndicates there tends to be a symbiotic relationship between them and the governments in control.

Criminal activities such as robbery, smuggling, black market trading, gambling racketeering, drug-trafficking, arms-trafficking, human-trafficking, slavery, prostitution, loan-sharking, protection racketeering, blackmail, bribery, extortion, violent assault, murder, arson, sabotage and terrorism, are the stock in trade of sociopaths and all have their counterparts in “legitimate” business syndicates.

Financial crimes such as money laundering, counterfeiting, tax evasion, insurance fraud, embezzlement, cyber-warfare, internet fraud, cronyism, and nepotism also have their counterparts in “legitimate” financial syndicates.

These  “legitimate” and “illegitimate” syndicates have interlocked in the shadows and grown to  prodigious proportions, forming sociopathic oligopolies.

These oligopolies have carried out hostile takeovers of entire governments which have become subsidiaries of one syndicate, with nearly all political parties and politicians subservient to it. The real power has been transferred over to what has been referred to as a deep state.

As Wikispooks outlines, each state has its own individual deep state group run by deep politicians, Machiavellian sociopaths and psychopaths who form informal, secretive networks with ephemeral or perennial nodes where they conspire together, referred to by Wikispooks as deep state milieux.

The perennial central node, the centre of the web, a mere square mile, where democracy holds no sway, where even the Queen needs permission to tread, is the crux of world misery.

Although the parasite field has been with us since the dawn of syphilization, the self-propagating morphic field of this particular W.A.S.P larvae was laid onto the belly of the beast as far back as the 17th century. Laid by the high-functioning sociopaths of the day, the financial elite of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant England. These parasitical banking oligarchs had evolved from slave-trading, arms-dealing, drug-peddling, sugar barons. In collusion with the ruling powers of the day – royalty, aristocracy and government officials, these first lords of capital devised a means to develop, expand and sustain their activities in perpetuity.

The Bank of England was established in 1694. This monopoly on money creation was the beginning of the ever-expanding debt-based money system we are currently at the mercy of.

The parisitoid W.A.S.P larval field  hijacked the queen spider – the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street and her whole colony of bankers, compelling them to abandon their compatriots, extract wealth from them and spin cocoons to nurture its parasitic life cycle through to today. This bloated arachnid and its deep state children – numerous colonies of privileged kleptocrats, now ply gossamer threads that span the globe.

There are several  deep state operatives within these networks, some knowingly, termed deep state actors and some unknowingly, termed  deep state functionaries who may hold influential jobs, such as heads of companies and leaders of national governments but in reality, are merely meat puppets.

“The deep state (loosely synonymous with the shadow government, or more rarely permanent government or permanent state is in contrast to the public structures which appear to be directing individual nation states. It is an intensely secretive, informal, fluid network of deep politicians whose deep state milieux effectively amplify their influence over national governments.”

It doesn’t end there. These deep states or sociopathic oligopolies have also combined to form a global super-entity. A trio of Swiss researchers discovered that this super-entity composed of 144 trans-national corporate fronts, ¾ being financial institutions, effectively interlocking into one monopoly of titanic proportions, controls 40% of the global economy, all the most important sectors. Underneath and in lock-step with this super-entity, is a gigantic oligopoly of 590 corporations that controls another 40%.

To reiterate, we are talking here about an effective monopoly and a band of oligopolies that together control 80% of sectors and markets.

And this was before the engineered crisis and attempt at the great reset of institutionalized slavery we are experiencing today.

Banks, with the power to issue and withdraw money, are the ultimate corporations.

Ex-Nihilo: Monopoly Counterfeiting UK

Jeff Nielson calls this super-entity the “One Bank”. Indeed, the interlocked financial institutions at the top of the hierarchy can be viewed as a monopolizing syndicate of banks, a Sociopathic Super Syndicate.

Much of the inspiration for the Money parasite analogy comes from Vladimir Nuri’s epic:

Fractional Reserve Banking as Economic Parasitism

Like its parasite analog, it is camouflaged as a disconnected assortment of corporate fronts to give the impression of a free market, when in reality it is the exact opposite.

Again, like its parasite analog, this super-entity controls its hosts – Big Government, Big Industry, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Agriculture, Big Military, Big Security, Big Intel, Big Media, and Big Crime.

Wikispooks calls this super-entity the Supranational Deep State and defines it thus:

“The Supranational Deep State (SDS), or The Deep State for short, is the alliance of formerly separate deep states which coalesced in the second half of the 20th century, and which were demonstrably fused into a coherent whole in time for the 9-11 cover up. It is not an alliance of business or military leaders or politicians, but of deep politicians. It is not inter-national, but supra-national, that is to say, it has de facto control over most national governments.”

It controls key institutions:

“The group’s control over key institutions such as intelligence agencies, the global money system, most national governments and the commercially-controlled media is unprecedented, although the speed of technical innovation means that their control of the narrative is uncertain.”

The Sicilian Mafia began by muscling in on the citrus fruit industry by infiltrating members into privately owned lemon and lime groves as stewards, then running them into the ground so their bosses could buy them up on the cheap. This global Mafia does the same, on a global scale with everything.

The economic system most of the world lives under can be described as:

Deep State Monopoly Capitalism

Nobody has combated State Socialism more than we German Socialists, nobody has shown more distinctively than I, that State Socialism is really State Capitalism.” Wilhelm Liebknecht – 1896

As all State Socialism is, in reality, State Capitalism in disguise – Deep State Capitalism, we can assume that State Socialist countries, including China, are part of this system.

The political system most of the world lives under can be described as a

Klepto-Plutocracy nested within a Techno-Corporatocracy nested within a Demockracy.

Slaying the Beast

Now that we have framed the fearful symmetry of this beast, how do we slay it?

We don’t.

We are this beast.

The beast needs to be freed from the parasitoids that control and feed off it, so that it can undergo an authentic metamorphosis, a GREATER reset.

The parasitical oligarchs rely primarily on the deception of their gullible populations to maintain themselves at the top of the food chain.

The real battle is between those two groups, between slavery and freedom,  between fear and love, a battle for the hearts and minds of the remaining 80%.

If we return to our metamorphic metaphor, we see:

The “caterpillar field” attuned to all caterpillars is resonant with the “humanity field” attuned to all humans.

Nested within the “humanity field” is the human parasite field, attuned to the parasite field of all parasites, composed of those 10% who engage in intra-specific parasitism. These are Machiavellian sociopaths and psychopaths without empathy or remorse. Together, led by the relatively few high-functioning sociopaths and psychopaths, they make up the morpho-parasitic field embedded within the field of humanity.

The human analogue to the “butterfly field” is nested within the “humanity field.” These I have termed the imaginal field, those 10% who hold the vision of a renewed society where liberty, autonomy and freedom of choice have precedence over a top-down, centralized oligarchy.

These polar opposite counterparts to the remorseless sociopaths and psychopaths are more than the empaths that one might logically assume they would be. An empath is not only aware of but actually feels the emotions of others, the highs and the lows. Many empaths cannot cope with this, often experiencing suffering, depression and low self-worth, such feelings usually not originating from themselves. Because they lack their own centre and sense of boundary, they get stuck on wavelengths that are not their own.

The individuals that make up the imaginal field are empaths that have ceased to be snowflakes and have metamorphosized into sympaths. Sympath is a relatively new term used to refer to empaths who have found their centre, their sense of boundaries and possess the quality of compassion. They attune to the wavelength of others without losing their centre, and whilst recognising the other’s freedom of choice and autonomy, can influence that wavelength  to resonate with their own more coherent frequency. Unlike empaths, they are immune to negativity such as fear, paranoia, and hate, even to the point of recycling and transmuting such emotions. They are aware of and resistant to the malicious intent, manipulation and exploitation employed by sociopaths. Importantly, they possess that coherent quality we call integrity. Integrity gives them the moral courage and conviction to say “yes” or “no” as necessary and to speak truth to power.

The fully-functioning sympaths are likely the polar-opposite counterparts to the high-functioning psychopaths, perhaps around 0.2% of the population.

They possess the genuine leadership qualities that make up emotional intelligence (EQ) – empathy, motivation, self-awareness, self-regulation and social skills. As we have seen, IQ, though useful, is less important by a factor of 4. Those Sympaths who are also highly-gifted intellectually, make excellent detectives and “code breakers”, able to detect and decipher the parasitic strategies employed by the high-functioning sociopaths and communicate their findings to others.

Sympaths resonate together with the full quantum coherence posited by Mae Wan Ho. The name sympathy itself means to be in accord, in rapport, in harmony with those around them. The morphic field within and around them operates both locally and non-locally as a self-organizing quantum coherent system, a holarchy. Only this form of collective consciousness that nurtures rather than feeds off individuality can exhibit true creativity.

“An organism is full of activities over all time and space scales. In a fully coherent system, the activities are all correlated, yet each of these activities will appear as though they are independent of all the others.”

This is opposed to the quasi-coherent field of the parasites, the ruthlessly efficient, lock-step, top-down hierarchy that passes for democracy today in mimicry and mockery of the genuine article, where any of the individuals that are swallowed up by it can be dispensed with when their usefulness is at an end.

The parasite field,  a hive-mind conspiracy field, currently dominates the host field of the greater part of humanity, the 80%, exploiting and manipulating the victims to their own detriment in the vested interests of the high-functioning sociopaths. Here cooperation exists to further the competitive interests of the inner circles of insiders at the expense of the dupes on the outside.

Like an entire hive of parisitoid wasp larvae eating their way out of zombie caterpillars, deep state groups have now emerged from their hollowed out and compromised institutions in a desperate attempt to accelerate control of society:

“Deep state groups try to operate in a stealthy fashion, but since the 2010s the SDS has become increasingly blatant in an effort to force the pace of social change.”

However, it is now, when they are out of the shadows, exposed to the light of awareness, that they are at their most vulnerable.

The survival and thrival circuits of the imaginal field have been kicked into gear. It is growing, small at first causing minor perturbations, then growing ever larger and stronger,  its effects rippling out, setting off tornados in the non-linear dynamic system of human society. Here the competition inherent in nature, red in tooth and claw, is tempered by the true driver of evolution – symbiotic cooperation that includes those on the outside of the field and offers the potential to free them from the invisible web of slavery that is being spun around them ever more tightly.

In the part 7 we will heighten our senses and expand our gaze beyond the gossamer threads in an attempt to perceive in whole, this grand conspiratorial latticework of parasitical mimicry, this cobweb-ridden 4-dimensional chessboard, and the hidden hand that moves the pieces.

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small

And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all

Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you’re going to fall

Tell ’em a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call

8 thoughts on “COVAX through the Looking Glass Part 6

  1. The Corporate deep state beast is the WHO, in the current state. Amazing look at wasps and caterpillars, what a relationship. Hooked on vaxines seems to max out at about 60% of the population. That’s what it’s reached in Israel, where it is compulsory, and likewise with Europe and the US. It’s just another 10% compliance to reach the full population there. I have seen it is desperate there. The whistleblower on WHO’s corruption was a gift I saw asked for the day before. I take heart in knowing I am not alone. Crazy dark times all around the countries in Africa right now. One after the other shut down. The WHO has engineered a social response to an invisible threat, then instituted it, going on its second year now, throughout the continent and throughout Asia. Only Russia and China operate outside their reach. It is in coordination with the EU, UK, Canada, NZ, AUS. Japan and other countries are completely on board with 100% mask compliance and social control. In America, a least 48 states have taken back powers from the lockdown taken off mask measures, and State legislation is removing the possibility of it happening again.

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    1. The WHO is a giant zombie caterpillar with the parisitoids calling the shots. They are currently eating their way from the inside out. It’s headed by a psychopathic human rights offender. That’s all the evidence you need.
      It’s heartening to see what’s happening with the 48 US states. Not sure what the puppet Biden has in store for the rest of the world. The coming G7 makes me nervous.


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