Covert 19 – Point 1: Distorted Statistics & Testing

As of August 04th 2020, the W.H.O claims there have been 18,471,207 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 697,955 deaths worldwide. These figures appear to show a worryingly high death rate of 3.8%. But these statistics can’t be considered reliable due to issues of gathering accurate data:

As of June 15th 2020, we are told that 41,698 people in the UK have died of Covid-19, which is 0.06% of the population. It remains unclear as to whether these people died from the novel coronavirus or from underlying diseases whilst having Covid-19 in their bodies.

In England, official stats from Public Health England state that 95% of deaths were people with a pre-existing condition.

Many patients are ‘presumed cases’ without testing, but based on symptoms alone, as instructed by Government guidelines.

This curious and worrying procedure is happening all over the world and sets a dangerous precedent of presuming covid-19 cases, where they might not be.

Will seasonal flu cases this coming autumn and winter be marked down as Covid-19?

Where testing has been conducted, there have been several problems including false positive and negative results, as published in Singapore.

Testing worldwide was initially limited to hospitals, which included a greater proportion of elderly and immunocompromised patients. Of course, as these were the most likely to die, whatever the cause, labelling their deaths as ‘from’ Covid-19 instead of ‘with’, has artificially increased the death rate.

Notice that the government health organisations and most mainstream media do not reflect these distinctions and instead pronounce the deaths as Covid-19.

Why is that?

The W.H.O estimates there are between 290,000 and 650,000 respiratory deaths each year associated with influenza. As of June 15th there are 436, 290 alleged Covid-19 deaths worldwide, so within this range.

According to official statistics, the lethality of the virus is about 0.2% on average, which is in the same range as influenza, and 20 times lower than originally projected by the World Health Organisation.

So, what have we learnt?

Around 95% of people in the UK who have died had a pre-existing condition. Many deaths have been recorded based on symptoms alone, inflating the numbers. The testing process is not accurate and the virus lethality is apparently 20 times lower than originally stated.

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