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COVAX through the Looking Glass part 4

Official Deaths & Adverse Events due to the Covid Vaccine

In the UK, as of September 17th

  • 48,528,901 people (89% of the population aged 16 and over) have received the first dose of the COVID-19 “vaccine”
  • 44,298,076 people (81% of the population aged 16 and over) have received the second dose of the COVID-19 “vaccine”
  • Bringing the total vaccinated to 92,826,977

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) report through the UK Government’s system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions:

1,625 deaths and 1,186,837 injuries following COVID19 experimental “vaccines” in the U.K.

Rare adverse events are defined as those occurring in 1/1000 to 1/10,000 patients

Thus 0.1% – 0.01%  of a vaccinated population experiencing adverse events is considered rare.

The UK currently works out as having 1.28% of the Covid vaccinated population experiencing adverse events. This is using official MHRA figures.

Covid vaccine adverse events are therefore not rare, even without considering the under-reported nature of vaccine adverse events.

The MHRA itself claims that only 10% of serious adverse reactions are reported:

But all spontaneous reporting schemes have a problem with numbers: the MHRA itself says that only 10% of serious reactions and 2–4% of all reactions are reported using the Yellow Card Scheme. This means that most iatrogenic morbidity goes unreported. It’s not as if adverse reactions are unusual.”

This was the case before 2020. It is logical to assume that such biases are likely to be amplified in the hysterical atmosphere that the world now finds itself in.

This means that the number of serious adverse events in the UK could be higher than 10,178,069 – 10.28% of the vaccinated population. The real number of deaths attributed to the vaccine could be higher than 10,612 – 0.01% of the vaccinated population.

Dr Dolores Cahill, molecular biologist/immunologist and specialist in the diagnosis of auto-immune diseases & cancer, predicted that there would be adverse events, serious anaphylactic reactions from the first dose (in around 2.5% of people) and second dose (perhaps 10%, even 80% for those over 80). Around 80% of the over-80’s receiving the vaccine would have life-limiting reactions or even death from the second dose.

Taking into account the under-reported nature of serious vaccine adverse events admitted by the MHRA, we see that a realistic estimate – 10.28% or over is in line with Dr Cahill’s prediction of 10% from those receiving the second dose.

In the EU:

More than 70% of the European Union’s adult population has been fully vaccinated which is about 265 million.

As of September 03rd , 2021:

23,252 deaths and 2,189,537 injuries in reaction to the COVID-19 “vaccines”

A realistic estimate of EU Covid vaccine injuries would be in the region of  21,189,537 injuries (8.3% of the vaccinated population)  and 232,520 deaths (0.09% of the vaccinated population).

These estimates are slightly short of Dr Cahill’s predictions.

In the US:

As of 12th September 2021:

Official estimates of US vaccination claim 178 million of the population have been “fully” vaccinated which is 54.2%.

From the 3/09/2021 release of VAERS data:

13,911 deaths and 2,993,377 injuries following COVID19 experimental “vaccines” in the US.


(Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, USA)

Experts admit that the US VAERS system suffers from far worse under-reporting compared to the UK system, with a mere 1% of vaccine adverse events being reported.

Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.

Lazarus et al, ‘Electronic Support for Public Health – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, Results

A realistic estimate of US Covid vaccine injuries would be in the region of at least 29,933,770 injuries (16.8% of the vaccinated population)  and 139,111 deaths (0.08% of the vaccinated population).

These estimates surpass Dr Cahill’s predictions as to the earlier effects.

Dr Cahill’s main prediction was that it would be after several months, a year, or several years that the truly adverse events would occur. They would be due to the immune super priming, the setting up of auto-immune disease and cytokine storms as outlined above in this article. The mRNA in the body would express the viral protein, and the immune system would see antigens in the body’s own cells and organs and attack them. The binding antibodies induced would then enhance the entry of the wild virus and other common viruses into the cells and trigger further immunopathology. Those with co-morbidities would have exhausted cells and be unable to resist the onset of organ failure, sepsis, and death.

Nobel prize winner, Professor Luc A Montagnier claimed in April 2020 that he believed the novel coronavirus was created in a laboratory and escaped as a rogue viral vector vaccine. In May 2021 he he stated:

Mass vaccinations are a scientific error as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants”.

In Australia, the prison colony, the government has completely gone insane and has lost all control.

This graph reveals why:

Observe the excess deaths,  with no Covid 19 deaths to take the blame. Lockdown policies from Nov 2020 onward and following the vaccine rollout in Feb 2021, excess non-Covid deaths skyrocket. All these deaths were predominantly attributed to cancer, dementia and “other” causes.

Australian Bureau of Statistics – Provisional Mortality Statistics

The UK column reports on yet another curious anomaly regarding vaccine roll outs and waves of Covid-19 infections.

It can be seen that all the way from Jan 01st 2020 , through the Covid “pandemic” up to March 31st 2021, there were minimal cases and deaths attributed to Covid-19.

Focusing on the cases, Mike Robinson of the UK column notes that at the end of March 2021, the cases begin ramping up, with deaths correlating closely. Towards the end of June the rate accelerates. Mike then notes that curiously, Thailand began rolling out its vaccination program in a limited fashion at the beginning of March. From June, mass-vaccination was underway.

Coincidence theorists, look upon this graph and despair!

As we have noted previously such correlations between vaccination and deaths ascribed to Covid-19, compared  with before vaccination, crop up everywhere around the world.

Widening the Gaze Beyond Delta

We have been forced to look at such correlations because we haven’t had the data available to us that would enable us to draw solid conclusions.

The definition of a COVID–19 death in the UK is death from any cause where COVID–19 was mentioned on the death certificate within 28 days or even 60 days of a positive test. This is despite comorbidities being present in the vast majority of such deaths. The PCR test is commonly run at 40 cycles and over, yielding a 97% false positive rate. The inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, state that anything found over 20 cycles was meaningless as diagnosis. Even Anthony Fauci stated that over 35 cycles was – “dead nucleotides, period.”

However, data on deaths within 28 days, or 60 days, of a Covid “vaccination” does not qualify as a vaccine death. Such data would be conclusive, yet curiously, it is has been impossible to obtain such data anywhere.

As noted by Dr Vernon Coleman:

“Finally, if your government really cared about you, they would conduct a very simple, cheap trial.

They would keep a note of all the health problems affecting 20,000 patients who had the vaccine and compare that list with a list of all the health problems affecting 20,000 patients who didn’t have the vaccine in the same period. They make the comparisons every 3, 6 and 12 months.

Of course, they’d have to find some honest doctors to oversee the trial because it would be very easy to fiddle.

But it would give some very interesting results so I doubt if they’ll be doing it.”

MP Sir Christopher Chope asked the Secretary of State, on the 7th July, what information his department holds on the number of deaths that have been reported of people who have died within one month, two months, 3 months of having received a Covid 19 vaccination since the first of January. Chope reported to parliament that:

he said data on the number of deaths reported of people who have died within one month, two months, 3 months of having received a Covid 19 vaccination since the first of January is not available in the format requested. Public Health England monitors the number of people who have been admitted to hospital and died from Covid 19 who have received one or two doses of the vaccine and will publish this data in due course. That data has not yet been published.”

Well, it has now.

On the 13th September, the ONS released:

Deaths involving COVID-19 by vaccination status, England: deaths occurring between 1 January and 2 July 2021

This twitter user compiled a graph representing the information on the ONS pertaining to total deaths in vaccinated versus unvaccinated and Covid 19 deaths related deaths in vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

Here is the graph along with another a graph on excess mortality in the UK underneath for comparison:

On the first graph we see during the weeks of winter, that there is a significantly greater number of total deaths in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.  This trend continues and is more pronounced in the period up to July as overall deaths decline due to the roll out of spring and summer.

This gives the lie to the effectiveness of the vaccine as the talking heads disingenuously stated that most cases in the hospital for this period were unvaccinated. Most of the population had been unvaccinated at this time and of course this would be the case. The lie fails to hide the deaths due to vaccination however.

Note how keeping all eyes on delta, makes it appear that there is little difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. As we shall see, this is due to the distorted testing protocols for covid 19 heavily weighted against unvaccinated patients and the use of the fraudulent 40+ PCR cycle thresholds.

Week 15 corresponds with the date of April 15th where  >50% of adults have received the first dose.

At this point we see total unvaccinated deaths at 4 per 100,000

And total vaccinated deaths at 27 per 100,000

Therefore, there is a  675% difference in vaccinated deaths versus unvaccinated deaths when just over 50% of population had received the first dose.

As autumn and winter encroach, we await with trepidation the ONS data for the 2nd half of the year.

Sir Christopher Chope also reported on the comparison between this “vaccine” roll out and all other vaccine roll outs in history.

“I think it’s very important, because there’s a lot more damage being done to our citizens as a result of Covid-19 vaccinations than in any other vaccination program in history.”

This is certainly borne out by US Data:

The Covid “vaccine” (~ 200M doses and 13,627 deaths) has been 30 times more lethal than the influenza vaccine (vaccine ~ 900M doses and 1,951 deaths).

Consider that the roll out of the Swine Flu vaccine was halted after 47 deaths….

From mid-July 2021, the pharmaceutically compromised government and media conglomerates around the world began seeding the false notion that the latest “pandemic” was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.  

It is claimed that “cases”, hospitalizations, and deaths have shot up, primarily amongst the vaccinated.

On September 09th the Biden administration announced that all federal employees were required to receive a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition for employment. The fallacious argument was made that the hospitals were over 90% full of unvaccinated people.

This campaign has the single purpose of pressuring more people to receive the gene-editing technology masquerading as a “vaccine.”

In fact, the exact opposite is happening, not only in the US but around the world. The hospitals are full of vaccinated patients, those who have survived that is. Many healthcare workers have stated that there is pressure from doctors and hospital administrations to not relate injuries to the COVID-19 vaccinations and to not report them on the official databases.

First of all, we know that “cases” are, in the vast majority, unrelated to those with symptoms but are based on the fraudulent PCR test run at 40 cycles or above, with a 97% false positive rate.

In the UK, we can compare the % increase in testing this year with last year:

10-19 year-olds have been tested 344% more frequently this year than last year. Also note the differences in the numbers tested between those under 60 and those over 60. This should go a long way towards clearing up the fallacy that young people are somehow more susceptible to the delta variant.

The true extent of the threat posed by the delta variant has been exposed on Twitter by Ivor Cummins @FatEmperor.


None of this should be surprising given that deaths have always declined over the spring and the summer, year in, year out, “vaccine” roll out or not.

Now, what about the claim that increases in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are primarily among the unvaccinated?

We know that thousands of people vaccinated with two doses are still testing positive for COVID, as they are called “breakthrough” cases.

We also know that in the US, the CDC decided to stop counting “breakthrough cases.” From May 01st 2021 onward.

We know that a doctor reported to Katy Grimes of the California Globe that hospitals are being instructed to NOT test those who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 when they are admitted.

“A physician contacted the Globe and said testing protocol from Scripps is indicating that they aren’t testing the vaccinated in the hospitals – they are only testing the unvaccinated for COVID (see below), despite the many COVID breakthrough cases reported.

The physician asked, “I wonder if this is the new testing protocol state wide?”

The physician contacted another hospital and reported to the Globe:

“They HAVE NOT been testing the vaccinated for COVID routinely like they have the unvaccinated, but they JUST changed their policy to begin doing this.” Unbelievable! So, all this BS in the newspapers has been spewing about the vaccinated NOT having COVID BECAUSE THEY DON’T TEST FOR IT!”

Vaccinated patients are not being routinely tested as are unvaccinated patients. Therefore, with a PCR test of 40 cycles and above yielding a 97% false positive rate, there will be far more unvaccinated in the original samples before determining and comparing cases and deaths amongst the two cohorts.

Schools, universities, and many businesses are adopting the same policies – frequent testing of the unvaccinated and NO testing of the vaccinated. It’s cooking the books and most people don’t realize that.  Even the NFL is going along with it, as the testing protocols for the New England Patriots attest:

This fraud is most likely being carried out across the world, including the UK.

In all the cherry-picked studies they never disclose the proportions of those vaccinated versus unvaccinated in the original test sample BEFORE obtaining positive or negative results.

This is crucial data. Let’s say they sample 100,000 people. If 90,000 of those samples are unvaccinated and 10,000 vaccinated there is going to be a huge distortion in the statistics.

They never state that they tested x number of vaccinated people to get y number of positives in vaccinated people and x number of unvaccinated people to get y number of positives in unvaccinated people. y/x for vaccinated versus y/x unvaccinated is all important here but they only look at y vaccinated versus y unvaccinated.

Most heinous of all, the official bodies are also counting vaccinated people who get ill within 14 days as unvaccinated. Those vaccinated admitted to hospital within that time frame will be tested and, if positive (very likely at 40+ cycles), will be counted as unvaccinated delta cases/deaths, simultaneously reducing the number of vaccinated delta cases/deaths.

This was discovered by Dr Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors.

“The CDC is now listing vaccinated COVID-19 deaths as UNvaccinated deaths if they die within 14 days of the vaccine.”

This means there will be far greater numbers of vaccinated people in the intensive care wards who haven’t been tested or have been tested at lower PCR rates. Among these are the ones that die from the “short illness“. But they never show up because all eyes are on delta.

That is unprecedented fraud. And it won’t get onto MHRA VAERS, etc.

More than fraud.

Murder One…

On the Sept 8th Stew Peters Show Stew interviewed an anonymous nurse whistle-blower working in a US hospital and ICU.

Nurse “The overflow we have had, mostly, since the vaccination roll out, where we’ve had patients, periods of time where we’ve had overflow into the emergency rooms that it was not covid specifically.”

Nurse “They get PCR test and if they are negative, they are put on the main floor. If they are positive, they typically go to straight to the isolation covid ICU, depending on the level of symptoms, so its all basically based on that one particular test.”

Nurse “Everyone takes that test as gospel so if you get a positive test, no matter what your symptoms, even asymptomatic, you are already on Covid track, going to the area where isolated gown, gloves, your level of care is completely different.”

Nurse “It doesn’t matter if you have respiratory symptoms or not, that’s the thing.”

Stew Peters “And of those patients that go on Remdesivir and ventilators, do the majority of them die or do the majority of them survive and recover?”

Nurse “Most of them do not do well, a lot of them do pass away. Remdesivir itself has caused kidney issues, heart issues. Patients typically do not do well.”

Stew Peters “So, the things that have been reported on this program are that Remdesivir was a dangerous drug, Anthony Fauci knew that, the CDC, the NIH, those that are dictating protocol to hospitals are very aware that Remdesivir causes kidney issues, sends fluid to the lungs, the ventilator then explodes the lungs, people are drowning, essentially, and you have seen this first hand?”

Nurse “Yes, absolutely. This has been the standard medication since the beginning. Over the summer, there was a period…originally it was all Remdesivir, there was a period over the summer, actually, when Covid numbers were low and almost gone, where Remdesivir was combined with Ivermectin. Now that is phasing out and is going back to completely just Remdesivir by itself.”

Stew Peters “In your hospital is there a test for the delta variant?”

Nurse “Absolutely not and in fact there is no mention of the word or mention of the word delta variant in any note from any doctor, from any outside office feeding in, urgent care, emergency room, I have not seen the word delta variant in any chart.”

Nurse “It’s all termed Covid-19. There is no test for the delta variant that I’m aware of.”

Nurse “The most influx I have seen is since the vaccination roll out and it’s more vaccination-related injuries, blood clots, cardiac issues, neurological issues, balance issues, cognitive issues, aggressive behaviour, encephalopathy, things like that were, that are very different from the previous Covid.”

Stew Peters “Do the doctors, do the providers, report these adverse events, these vaccine injuries to the Vaccine Adverse Event reporting system?”

Nurse “I have not seen one incidence where they have. In fact when staff approaches doctors about this, whether its noticed by the staff or noticed by the patient’s family, they are completely dismissed. I have not had one doctor acknowledge anything I have said when a patient’s family or I have noticed that it’s been around the time of vaccination, we are completely dismissed.”

Stew Peters “So what you articulate that the cases being labelled Covid-19, and then by the media translated into new delta surge, that those patients are actually patients that are presenting with symptoms from this vaccine, these shots?”

Nurse “Absolutely. The staff that’s aware, cause now you know which staff is aware of what’s going on or acknowledging it, and which staff doesn’t, it’s almost, we almost label it the delta variant is the vaccine injuries. That’s what it is.”

Stew Peters “How many people that you work with, would you guess, percentage wise, are going to refuse this shot?”

Nurse “So far about 50%.”


Regarding Ivermectin, there have been unconfirmed reports of Australian hospitals using it only for vaccinated patients, in spite of banning it for early treatment.

As one comment pointed out:

“1. the unvaxed are receiving inferior treatment

2. they get coerced into being vaxed BUT if they die it gets recorded as unvaxed death – if they recover it’s recorded as vaxed recovery”.

Dead Letter

On September 13th2021, the Doctors for Covid Ethics sent a letter of Notice of Liability for harm and death from COVID-19 vaccines to all members of the European Parliament, the Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

In March 2021, they had previously alerted the EMA to the potential  life-threatening thromboembolic events resulting from the vaccine roll out and urged suspension of the program.

In this latest letter they confirm and extend their original fears in an appended document.

“The COVID-19 vaccine technology’s interaction with the immune system creates the following four

specific problems:

1. Flying under the immune system’s radar with the vaccine’s genetic code

2. Delivering the spike protein into the bloodstream

3. Inducing immune attack on the blood vessel lining4. Enhancing the severity of natural infection”

“The crucial difference between a conventional live virus vaccine and a gene-based COVID vaccine—and in particular an mRNA vaccine—is that the latter contains no protein antigens whatsoever; instead, it only contains the blueprint for their synthesis inside the infected cells. Therefore, if such a vaccine is injected into a person with antibodies and existing T-cell immunity, the vaccine particles will “fly under the radar” of the antibody defence and reach our body cells unimpededThe cells will then produce the spike protein, and subsequently be destroyed and attacked by the killer T-cells. The antibodies, rather than preventing the carnage, will join in by also binding to the cell-associated spike protein and directing the complement system (see later) and other immune effector mechanisms against these cells. In a nutshell, pre-existing immunity mitigates the risk of conventional vaccines, but it amplifies the risk of gene-based vaccines.

Importantly, before COVID, this risky gene-based vaccine technology had never before been used on a wide scale against infectious disease and is inherently experimental. The COVID-19 vaccination program is thus the largest human experiment ever performed in history. “

Taking Out the Radar

It seems that the vaccine particles “fly under the radar” of the innate immune system as well the adaptive immune system. In fact, they may even be switching it off.

Dr Mike Williams, writing for the UK column, outlines the potential consequences of the technology employed to protect the mRNA within the Covid vaccines from the body’s immune system.

This involves the suppression of RNA recognition by Toll-like receptors on cells – the alarm signal of the Innate Immune System.

Researchers developed a means to modify the RNA code, namely the nucleoside uridine. This enabled the foreign vaccine mRNA to enter cells without being destroyed.

The innate immune system is the first to go into action against foreign invaders, including foreign mRNA from a vaccine. The concern raised by Dr Williams is that switching off this early warning system may have downstream effects such as inhibition of the CD8 T cell response. These cells are play an important role in the eradication of infection and cancer.

This potential link may explain the reports of patients with worsening cancer following Covid vaccination. These include reports of swollen lymph node in breasts, dramatic upticks in endometrial cancer, and vaccinated cancer patients coming out of remission with the cancer jumping between organs and spreading at unprecedented speeds.

These reports need to be substantiated, obscured as they may be, by the expected increase in morbidity and mortality as a result of lockdown and limited medical access.

Stabilising the Code

Unholy blood

Analyzing the blood of her vaccinated patients, German doctor, Dr Barbel Ghitalla, made a horrific discovery. She shared her findings with colleague Dr. Axel Bolland, and two lawyers.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m afraid for my patients.”

She found that the red blood cells (RBC) had acquired a positive charge causing them to “stack” upon each other. This is one of the signs of blood cancer, termed ‘rouleaux’ formations. RBC normally have a negative charge, repelling each other so they maintain a healthy distance. The vaccinations are changing the electron charges to positive. Dr Gitala and her colleagues believe this  represents the beginning of thrombotic activity.

VAXXED Patients’ Blood Examined, Horrific Findings Revealed by German Physicians!

Dr Ghitalla also observed coiled pieces with a metallic sheen, which do not absorb light as the RBC do. She also obtained a Johnson and Johnson vaccine vial in which she found rigid structures with small white dots in between as shown below:

Other physicians, such as Dr Philippe van Welbergen in France have found the same severe ‘rouleaux’ formations in the blood samples they have taken. He also noted unusual tube-like structures.

His patients had all received the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccinations and had been suffering from chronic fatigue, dizziness, memory issues, even paralysis, and late onset of heavy menstruation in women over 60.

“These strands or tubes appear to be hollow – it’s really odd. When you really expand it you can see some cells in it but we don’t know if it’s a crystalline structure or organic. The few healthy cells are circled. The rest are cracked and fractured – they’re finished. That’s not healthy blood. We see it again and again.”

“Healthy blood shows cells able to move around separately; they have good motility and will not cause thrombosis”

According to Dr Welbergen, local health authorities are refusing to accept that any side effects are vaccine damage.

But that’s rubbish – you hardly see any healthy cells here. We’re seeing other, even crazier things – the medical conference in Holland showed blue or red Morgellon-type structures that were travelling through those tubes.”

Dr Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters show 15th Sept 2021:

ADE is actually, it’s disease enhancement, …., these shots cannot protect you, they are actually enhancing, they’re creating a situation with the antibodies that will enhance viral replication.

Antibody Dependent Enhancement is the bioweapon, and the way you get there is to prime, and to  continually push the boosters

SHOCKING! Vaccine Injuries ALARMING as Antibody Dependent Enhancement EXPLODES! Doctors Being THREATENED, Forced to LIE! Milley TREASON, and Weaponized IRS

Let us close for now  with Dr Ryan Cole at the White Coat summit:

“This is what we need to emphasize to society, and ask the authoritative agencies:

What’s the risk for cancer after the shot?

We don’t know.

What’s the risk for autoimmune disease?

We don’t know.

What’s the risk for impairing fertility for a lifetime?

We don’t know.

So why in the world will we willy nilly push forward at the pace and the rate that we are going, without knowing these things?”


For if one drinks much from a bottle marked poison, it is almost certain to disagree with one sooner or later.

Alice In Wonderland

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