COVAX through the Looking Glass part 1

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small

You take the blue pill. The story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever the dream-weavers want you to believe. A contracted and self-contradictory narrative where a shape-shifting zoonotic virus has the world gripped in a global pandemic, where governments have justified stripping basic freedoms away from their peoples on a shaky premise. Where media pumps one-sided, fear-mongering imagery into your head twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Where only white-coated demi-gods, extremist demagogues and ultra-wealthy nerds can pronounce on your well-being. Where psychopaths are your only hope. Where your family is your enemy and your friends are your foes. Where facial expressions, empathy,  and human touch are illegal. Where every move you make, every breath you take and every regulation you break, could kill your or somebody else’s grandparents. Where your means of making a living is no longer essential. Where Christmas is cancelled and only a novel,  untested vaccine can save you.

Or, you take the red pill. You remove the fear tinted spectacles and head down the rabbit hole. There’s a risk you may get lost in the labyrinthine network of tunnels but the truth is the only way out, through the cracks in the narrative to an expanded vision of the world. One sees that this tiny microorganism has struggled to overcome individual human biomes of 360 trillion viruses, 240 trillion bacteria and 80 trillion human cells. It could only hope to play on fault-lines and fissures in the compromised immune systems of the elderly, the weak and the vulnerable. It’s akin to a strong influenza and not the civilization-destroying plague the media keep on insisting it is.

The PCR test used to diagnose Covid-19 is notoriously inaccurate as a diagnostic test and skewed towards false positives. The inventor of the test, Dr Kary Mullis, described it as a very powerful manufacturing technique but not suitable for medical diagnostics. Even when it does genuinely test positive, it picks up bits of viral RNA, not the whole sequence. This will test positive if one has the virus but will also test positive if one had the virus weeks or months ago and recovered since. There is also the possibility of other coronaviruses reacting to the test.

Someone dying of a heart attack from lack of medical attention, who had this fragment of RNA picked up by the skewed test within 4 weeks of the death would be registered as having died with Covid-19.

Testing worldwide was initially limited to hospitals, which included a greater proportion of elderly and immuno-compromised patients. Of course, as these were the most likely to die, whatever the cause, labelling their deaths as ‘from’ Covid-19 instead of ‘with’, artificially increased the apparent death rate, initially projected by the WHO as 4% but according to the latest research ranges from 0.1% to 0.5%.

With a 99.7% survival rate, the mortality is ridiculously low outside of care homes and among those younger than 70. The average age of the Covid victim is 82 with 95% of such victims having serious pre-conditions.

Even amongst these elderly victims, the identification of Covid as the culprit is by no means certain.

During the first lockdowns across the UK and the world:

  • Hospital wards were emptied in anticipation of a deluge of Covid-19 patients which never arrived
  • A&E was operating at 30%
  • All “non-essential” surgery was cancelled
  • Care for cancer and heart patients was drastically curtailed
  • GP cover was reduced to video conferencing
  • Fear mongering by the mainstream media dissuaded many from seeking medical care in the first place
  • Elective intubation: patients, who would normally receive oxygen via nebulisers were fast-tracked into having unnecessary oxygen-delivery tubes introduced into their tracheae, requiring anaesthetics. This significantly reduces the chance of survival.

However, the most severe dereliction of duty seems to have occurred in care homes where 57% of deaths in the UK occurred. The institutions responsible for the medical care of their vulnerable residents, 70% of whom suffer from dementia, seem to have gone out of their way to abandon them in their final hours. The mortality inside the care homes is another crack in the narrative that offers a view of something insidious indeed.

Deeply concerning measures put in place included:

  • Blanket Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders with no consultation with family members.
  • Instructions not to call emergency services
  • Reduced staff: in some cases residents were left malnourished and dehydrated
  • Infected patients moved from hospitals to the care homes which enabled the virus to spread like wildfire

This “unseasonable mortality” and “accelerated mass homicide” after lockdown regime imposition would appear to have been masked by the coronavirus itself. Or rather the false impression of Covid-19 infection and fatality rate engendered by the initial bias of PCR testing confined towards the elderly and immune-compromised. This, along with false positives and even assumptions of infection without testing, ensured that the virus seemed more lethal than it actually was. This was enough to take the public’s eye off the ball.

As testing rolled out into the wider population, the plummeting death rate was conveniently forgotten and the new panic was over the perceived spread of the virus and not the vanishingly small number of deaths it caused overall.

Coupling these disturbing revelations with the lack of evidence for asymptomatic transmission, from individuals who never develop symptoms and the exaggeration of pre-symptomatic spread based on the roll-out of fraudulent PCR tests, one can see that the entire house of cards – lockdowns, shutdowns, anti-social distancing and mask-wearing is based on a flimsy lie. This coordinated response of governments, rather than the virus, is of course, the true cause of the destruction of civilization.

A simple look at age standardized mortality from 1971 – 2020, shows that the slight increase in excess mortality compared to the previous 5 years, is small compared to mortality over the last 50 years. This increase is due to government policy rather than the virus itself.

Confusion arises however when we are told repeatedly that the excess death figure for 2020 is astronomically high. How can this be?

Excess deaths are calculated on the basis of previous years and predict how many deaths would be expected in a given year. This is compared with the actual number of deaths to arrive at the excess death figure. The ONS compares the total number of deaths in 2020 – 579,491 with the five-year average to arrive at an excess death figure of 67,864 for England and Wales for 2020 up to December 11th.

However, if one were to compare 2020 with the period from 2006 to 2008, one would arrive at a deficit of 27,491 fewer deaths.

Remarkably, the ONS reports that:

“Of the deaths registered by 11 December 2020, 72,546 mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate.”

We are being told that the number of deaths associated with Covid is greater than the calculated figure for excess deaths.

This contrasts strongly with the opinion expressed in this article for the British Medical Journal:

“Only a third of the excess deaths seen in the community in England and Wales can be explained by Covid-19.”

Where then is the calculation for knock-on excess deaths from all other diseases where treatment has been disrupted due to the reorientation to this one virus, the contraction of emergency services, the blanket DNR orders, the cutdown of medical staff, the unnecessary and dangerous elective intubation on ventilators, the accelerated mass homicide?

All masked over by a fraudulent PCR test.

Of these excess deaths it is closer to the truth that around 46,000 of them, having other pathologies were accelerated due to lockdown measures and labelled fraudulently as Covid-19.

As to the apparent worsening situation regarding hospitalizations I refer to this publication:

NHS hospital bed numbers: past, present, future

I have ascertained from this that, of the total number of beds throughout 2018/2019, 127,182 were occupied on average, regularly exceeding 133,950 in the winter.

Comparing this with NHS statistics this year for 3rd December:

COVID-19 Hospital Activity

We see that as of 3rd December 2020, a total of 113,058 beds were occupied, significantly less than the average for last year. Of these, 12,896 were covid19 confirmed with 1,094 of those patients intubated out of a total of 3,693 ventilator beds occupied.

I put it to you that there has been an increase in the number of hospitalisations for the same reason there is always an increase every year – winter is here:

The UK Column has arrived at the same conclusion:

I also put it to you that there is a corresponding increase in the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations (but not overall hospitalizations) for the same reason there is an increase in presumptive diagnosis based on a hyper-projection of non-specific symptoms, coupled with hyper-sensitive and biased PCR testing, magnifying the official statistics.

How does one resolve this contradiction of hospitals that are not at full-capacity with the number of excess deaths? The resolution lies in the fact that greater part of excess deaths are occurring with people at home, not going into hospital due to current measures and dying from diseases unrelated to Covid-19, rather due to medical neglect.

This reorientation of medical care towards one virus, isolating and reducing staff numbers both full time and support, senseless separation of patients that never occurred during previous flu seasons, all leading to artificial reduction of capacity, not hospital beds, is the true killer.

This is especially true when one considers that the Nightingale hospitals are still closed. During this ostensible overload, they have remained unopened since June, despite the numbers of staff that would be available.

It’s almost as if the public perception of an overloaded NHS is part of some ploy…

We see here that from 20th March 2020 to 04 Dec there were 13,257 deaths with Covid-19 mentioned on the death certificate in hospitals and 17,482 in care homes making a total of 30,839. 26,250 non-Covid excess deaths occurred at home.

Remember that having Covid-19 mentioned on the death certificate does not mean that patient died due to Covid-19 and  it is closer to the truth that around 46,000 of the total excess deaths ostensibly due to Covid, having other pathologies, were accelerated due to lockdown measures and labelled fraudulently as Covid-19.

The presumptive diagnosis of Covid-19 is skewed and hyper-projected to such a degree that symptoms previously known to be non-fatal and non-Covid-specific such as sore throats, runny noses, coughs, and temperatures now constitute an almost exclusive Covid-19 diagnosis.

“If before death the patient had symptoms typical of COVID19 infection, but the test result has not been received, it would be satisfactory to give ‘COVID-19’ as the cause of death, tick Box B and then share the test result when it becomes available.”

“In the circumstances of there being no swab, it is satisfactory to apply clinical judgement.”

Symptoms typical of Covid-19 are the same symptoms typical of influenza and pneumonia.

This fraud occurs both in the absence of laboratory test results, and in the presence of a positive result that has resulted from a hyper-sensitized test well above the 35-cycle threshold beyond which results are meaningless with no viral content as testified by Dr Anthony Fauci.

Despite accounts in Scotland of 40 cycles and in Ireland of cycles higher than 40, even as high as 144, the UK government refuses to reveal the number of cycles used in the PCR tests. However Freedom of Information requests such as this one from NHS Manchester reveal a meaningless 40-45 cycle range for a positive test.

Lockdown Tolls

The ONS predicted earlier in 2020 that the Lockdowns and anti-Covid measures would kill 200,000 UK citizens of all ages in the medium to long term, due to factors such as missed medical diagnoses, missed treatments, and loss of jobs. Long-term has yet to arrive.

Later on, in November of 2020, Bristol University forecast that the response to the virus would kill 560,000, dwarfing all the vastly-inaccurate and unreliable worst case Covid-death scenarios of around 200,000.

Covid corporate take-over of Influenza

The figure of Covid-19 deaths due to this fraudulent diagnosis also seems to have absorbed the deaths due to influenza and pneumonia.

In the UK an average of 18,000 people die from influenza every year, ranging from 11,875 to 28,330. 89% of these deaths are pensioners.

There is a confusion between influenza deaths and pneumonia deaths. It is commonplace for epidemiologists, demographers, and vital statisticians to analyze mortality from influenza and pneumonia combined as a single cause. This is due to the fact that influenza kills through pneumonia and is coded as such on death-certificates. Pneumonia is a common lung infection caused by microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It can be a complication of the flu, but other viruses, bacteria and even fungi can cause pneumonia. However, whenever influenza rises, so does pneumonia, so it seems that influenza is a major cause.

Here the ONS both breaks down and combines the number of deaths in England and Wales due to influenza and pneumonia:

In 2020 from 1st January to 31st August 2020 the ONS reports that deaths from Covid-19 (at that time) were 48,168 compared to influenza at 394 deaths and pneumonia at 13,619 deaths.

This gives a total of 14,013 deaths due to influenza and pneumonia combined for this period. The figures for the remaining 4 months do not seem to be available yet but it seems that the figure will be significantly lower than the average for the last 5 years of 28,140.

It is curious that influenza and pneumonia was mentioned on more death certificates than COVID-19, while COVID-19 was the underlying cause of death in over three times as many deaths between January and August 2020.

It is even more curious that a death can be recorded with both Covid-19 and influenza or pneumonia mentioned on the death certificate, therefore a death may be counted in both categories, it is double-counted.

While the total number of deaths are not double-counted, this means that the official deaths associated with influenza and pneumonia which are double-counted made up around one-third of the deaths that were officially associated with Covid-19. This is without taking into account the fact that those official deaths associated with influenza and pneumonia are suspiciously low for 2020 and the missing figures have most likely been relabelled as Covid-19 associated deaths – presented to the gullible public by the deceptive media as actual deaths due to Covid-19.

So, from 20th March 2020 to 04 Dec we have around 33,024 non-Covid excess deaths and about 34,569 official excess Covid deaths, of which at least 14,013 were double-counted with influenza and pneumonia, leaving 20,556 with other co-morbidities accompanying Covid-19 on the death certificate, making Covid-19 as the sole suspect, extremely suspect.

It is important to note here that around 10% of the viruses that cause flu-like illnesses potentially leading to pneumonia are in fact coronaviruses. As we know, coronaviruses mutate frequently…

And now we have the curious emergence of this “new strain” that seems to have been rising synchronously in all regions of England from the 21st Dec.

This “new strain” is purported to be around 70% more contagious. The real reason for this case data however, is because the UK is testing more people than any other European country, by a factor ranging from 6 to 14 times more. As an example, from Worldometers on January 04th:

UK – 58,784 Cases/407 deaths

France – 4,022 Cases/378 deaths

Italy – 10,800 Cases/348 deaths

Germany – 8,039 Cases/527 deaths

Note the similar number of deaths. Germany has over 100 more deaths but 50,000 fewer cases.

This is simply due to distorted statistics from fraudulent testing.

It is now used as the justification for the new lockdown.

Why does the media not pump this truth out rather than the lies?

Because the whole scaffolding of the fake narrative would completely collapse.

And why must this fake narrative be maintained?

We shall see in part 2.

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