Straw Mannequins: Fact Checking Reuters’ Fact Checking

MY VERDICT Reuters claim is false. The challenged claim is correct. The earliest available COVID-19 vaccines will indeed genetically modify humans, whether using foreign genes to alter the host’s gene expression or altering the host’s DNA to perform the same function. DNA vaccines do indeed integrate foreign DNA into the cell nucleus of its recipient. Injecting into the tissues is only the first stage, the DNA/RNA must make its way into the host cell’s nucleus before it can stimulate the required immune response. In addition to false claims, Reuters use of pedantic semantics has also confused the issue.

Covert 19 – Point 2: Health concerns of the Lockdown – Neglect or Murder 1?

The health implications of the Lockdown are extremely serious. A paper produced by a UK cabinet sub-committee has suggested avoidable deaths from the lockdown  "could be as high as 150,000" – far more than the virus it’s meant to stop. Quoted in April, Professor Karol Sikora, former cancer care advisor to the W.H.O, has estimated … Continue reading Covert 19 – Point 2: Health concerns of the Lockdown – Neglect or Murder 1?

Covert 19 – Point 1: Distorted Statistics & Testing

As of August 04th 2020, the W.H.O claims there have been 18,471,207 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 697,955 deaths worldwide. These figures appear to show a worryingly high death rate of 3.8%. But these statistics can’t be considered reliable due to issues of gathering accurate data: As of June 15th 2020, we are told that 41,698 … Continue reading Covert 19 – Point 1: Distorted Statistics & Testing

Plague Ship – Host Cell

The dark heart of Bill Gates’ World Vaccination Agenda, would seem to reside in the UK, promoted and funded through the government’s Department for International Development (DFID. The unwarranted influence and epic-scale conflict of interest is fully revealed through a glance at the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), created in the year 2000.

Plague Ship – Red Death Redemption

As evidence springs up, like mushrooms after rain, that this crisis has been engineered into existence, ever increasing despotic measures are taken across the globe to delay this revelation breaking out. Not content with merely sending nearly everyone on the planet to their room and destroying the economy, governments go full totalitarian on their timid peoples. Intimidated and guilted into submission, snitched on by grinches, admonished for sitting down on benches or visiting lonely relatives, and bullied into cheering on their incarceration and the downfall of their eviscerated health care systems. Statistics, rather than being massaged, are pummelled to death. The numbers of those infected are played down in order to play up the case fatality rate – the smaller the denominator, the larger the numerator. Tests are delayed, called out as useless and only given to limited numbers of the population, particularly those who are already ill, further distorting the picture. The procedures for determining causes of death are loosened to include everyone deemed to have the corona virus in their bodies as having died from it. Doctors who disagree are consigned to loony bins both metaphorically and literally.

Plague Ship – Red Death

The predictions outlined in the pandemic simulation Event 201, from the corona virus outbreak itself to travel bans to economic disruption to censorship continue to unfold in uncanny fashion. Facebook, Twitter and Google, which owns YouTube, all vow to stop “misinformation.” Just as the simulation openly discussed censoring content online and even such punitive extremes as jailtime for what the masters of fakery themselves deem misinformation or fake news, so Social media follows suit in the real world.

Plague Ship – Masquerade

Growing investment in bio-science, loose ethics, integration between, government, academia and corporations, access to pathogens, vaccine technology, weaponization, modified germs capable of being let loose by controlled proxies, the capacity to create various levels of macro and micro economic and bio-power dependencies, and the desire to leverage the capability to act as global saviour - are also markers for the Supra-national Deep State. This alliance of formerly separate deep states has de facto control over most national governments, including The US and China, and their respective deep politicians, financial oligarchs, philanthropists and military leaders.