Covert 19 – Point 3: The Heist of the Hidden Hand

It is now more clear than ever which end of the puppet strings the financial oligarchs find themselves and which end the government minions.

Covert 19 – Point 1: Perfidious Covid Statistics

As of 16th September 2020, the W.H.O claims there have been 29,700,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 937,000 deaths worldwide. These figures appear to show a high death rate of 3.15%. As of the same date, we are told that 41,684 people in the UK have died of Covid-19, with 378,000 confirmed cases. That works out as a worryingly … Continue reading Covert 19 – Point 1: Perfidious Covid Statistics

Plague Ship – Red Death Redemption

As evidence springs up, like mushrooms after rain, that this crisis has been engineered into existence, ever increasing despotic measures are taken across the globe to delay this revelation breaking out. Not content with merely sending nearly everyone on the planet to their room and destroying the economy, governments go full totalitarian on their timid peoples. Intimidated and guilted into submission, snitched on by grinches, admonished for sitting down on benches or visiting lonely relatives, and bullied into cheering on their incarceration and the downfall of their eviscerated health care systems. Statistics, rather than being massaged, are pummelled to death. The numbers of those infected are played down in order to play up the case fatality rate – the smaller the denominator, the larger the numerator. Tests are delayed, called out as useless and only given to limited numbers of the population, particularly those who are already ill, further distorting the picture. The procedures for determining causes of death are loosened to include everyone deemed to have the corona virus in their bodies as having died from it. Doctors who disagree are consigned to loony bins both metaphorically and literally.