MasqueRAID of the Deep State

In ancient Ireland, during the last night of the year - Samhain, where our modern version of Halloween originates from, kings rested uneasy on their thrones. This is because they knew that at these liminal times, society stood on its head and the ruler’s contract with his people came under review.

Guise and Dolls part 2 – Weighing Straw Mannequins

In the previous post, I outlined an alternative take on the infamous “Gunpowder Plot”. As I shall argue at a later stage, this event, like few others, reverberates through time to our present day in ways that have profoundly altered the fabric of society. In light of such a claim, and in keeping with the lofty title of this website, we are required to subject the case to a more Sherlockian analysis. In doing so we will also acquaint ourselves with the principles of deduction employed by the immortal detective.