MasqueRAID of the Deep State

In ancient Ireland, during the last night of the year – Samhain, where our modern version of Halloween originates from, kings rested uneasy on their thrones. This is because they knew that at these liminal times, society stood on its head and the ruler’s contract with his people came under review.

Strange figures stalked the land grotesquely guised as ghosts and animals…

 “lower class people might gather at night, put themselves under the protection of some proletarian goddess, and attack the king’s house”.

The Ritual Killing of the Irish Kings by CG Dalton

This was usually a mock attack but if they were dissatisfied with their ruler, this “masquerade of the plebs” became very real. The masqueraiders might seize the palace and put the king to a ritual death. Several kings died in the flames of their own homes.

Rulers could prevent this grisly fate by abdicating after a fixed term such as seven years. In a bid to retain power, many adapted to this proto-democracy in action, by delegating mock-kings to die in their stead as scapegoats:

 “Cormac, foreseeing his death, dressed his court fool in his royal robes to die in his place.”

It is likely that this pattern reveals, more or less, the original template for monarchies everywhere and has echoes even today in our modern oligarchies that pass for democracies.

As these oligarchic powers behind thrones took control, they retained the use of “mock-kings”. These puppets fulfilled their role as useful fools until their “usefoolness” ended.

Today mock-kings are pitted against other potential mock-kings in a mock contest that today we call demockracy.

We still have uprisings too…

According to the Carnegie endowment for national peace’s interactive protest tracker:

As of October 30th, about 100 significant anti-government protests have erupted worldwide and 30 governments or leaders have fallen.

Protests continue to erupt across Europe in response to the government-imposed lockdown restrictions, closing down of businesses and curfews. Some of them peaceful, some of them not…

In London last week over ten thousand marched in the fourth anti-lockdown protest. The last two saw the police use violent force to break up. Smaller protests have occurred frequently up and down the country.

Cities across Italy and Spain are witnessing uprisings, with some violence and looting reported in Milan, Turin and Barcelona. Officials blame far-right and far-left groups and those with links to organised crime for the flares in violence.

In Germany protests have been ongoing since April with one in August attracting over thirty thousand.

In France, the Yellow Vests protests, which began in 2018 are still ongoing whilst throughout the Muslim world, tens of thousands protest Islamophobia over the caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad and President Macron’s comments.

In the US, anti-lockdown protests which began in April are still ongoing and have involved over ten thousand people.

However, perhaps the largest protest in US history began in May and at its peak attracted over a million people. This was the protest against police brutality and racism after the killing of George Floyd.

Why are all these people expressing their discontent?

They all see their respective “mock kings” as having broken their social contracts. Just as in ancient history, there is a very real threat of the mock attack becoming real.

The oligarchs behind all these mock kings know this, however. They learnt long ago that these “masquerades of the plebs” can be infiltrated and co-opted to a significant degree.

Mask of Anarchy

According to ACLED, the US is currently at a heightened risk of polarised political violence and instability going into the 2020 election. Mass shootings are at a record high and  violent hate crimes are on the rise. They claim that despite media focus on looting and vandalism the majority of protestors are peaceful. In some cases where demonstrations did turn violent, there are reports of agent provocateurs instigating the violence.

The oligarchs can co-opt movements and bring about “mock masquerades”. Take Black Lives Matter. This movement of course has many genuinely motivated individuals but it has been hijacked by agents who operate in the interests of people who have concerns other than police brutality and racism. These provocateurs are not  ideologically motivated groups of individuals, they are well-equipped, organised, masked automatons of uniformity who pillage and loot with strategic precision, engendering real anarchy and chaos.

They receive covert backing of a political nature from the US Democrat party and a financial nature from NGOs run by figures such as that architect of chaos – George Soros. The Democrat affiliated political officials who control the police in their respective regions go out of their way to facilitate these organised revolts in a bid to destabilise western civilisation, even to the extent of taking a knee while they do so.

A significant proportion of these agent provocateurs work within the group known as Anonymous, which sent out a message to the Minneapolis Police Department in May, promising revenge.

Anonymous, which calls itself a “decentralized international activist/hacktivist collective movement” is notorious for its members wearing the iconic Guy Fawkes mask featured in the graphic novel and film “V for Vendetta.” The protagonist of this story, V, is an anarchist hero/antihero, a trickster who brings down a fascist government set in a dystopian future – 2020 in the film version. In the film, a viral pandemic lays the groundwork for global turmoil, panic and desperation leading the British public, in their fear and apathy to succumb to a takeover of right-wing zealots in collusion with corporations. It is later revealed that the virus had been intentionally released by the dictator Sutler and his cronies to force the duped country into accepting their leadership.

“Imagine a virus, the most terrifying virus you can. And then imagine that you alone are the cure.”

V turns his mask into a symbol of true incorruptible justice and convinces the British to come together under its guise and bring down the government.


The character V of course, is based on the Catholic terrorist/freedom fighter.

Guy Fawkes or Faux – the name today is synonymous with subversion, rebellion and anarchy. When I was a child the figure seemed to me almost indistinguishable from the devil with his goatee beard, dark clothing and mischievous grin as we set fire to him every 5th of November.

The archetypal “Scapegoat” with the goatee, the “Fall Guy.”

This equation with the devil is no accident…

What most people today don’t know, however, is that at least back to the 13th Century, the word “Guy” was used to refer to a “dummy” or “effigy” – which was burned around the same time of year at Halloween. Bonfires and “Guys” at this time of year were a remnant of ancient religion. This is long before the Gunpowder plot of 1605 was even hatched. The word comes from “Guiser” which is someone who wore a mask, someone in disGUISE. The fire would purify the old year allowing the scapegoat for the “king”, the representative of the people, to be born anew.

The second name is of interest also, it can mean literally “Fake” or “Fox”, an animal associated with trickery. So, we have “Guy Fake” or “Guy Fox” or even “Disguised Fake” or “Disguised Fox”. In English, we have the word “guy” a generic term for man. We also have the word “fall guy”, the one who takes the rap, a scapegoat.

Unwitting dupe or witting double-agent, there is overwhelming evidence that Guy Fawkes was part of a very cynical but successful sting operation by Robert Cecil, Secretary of State and spymaster extraordinaire, to frame the opposing but powerful Catholic faction for an attempted “decapitation of the body politic” namely James 1st and his attendees at the House of Parliament. This led to justification for further and more extensive persecution of the hated Papists, division among the Catholics themselves, a discrediting of the English Catholic Regiment fighting for the Pope’s cause in Flanders and further consolidation of power for Cecil. It was also the justification for a continuation of hostile relations with Catholic Spain and the beating of the drums of war. A war which was to pave the way for the expansion of the nascent British Empire. We find the same ambiguity with Anonymous – is it a global “I’m Spartacus” or is it a Deep State-run black op with a legion of Pied Pipers leading the unwary into a trap similar to the one devised in 1605? The very name would seem to indicate that, at its core, this is a society of spies and saboteurs.

The Other Wing

Lest one conclude that this is solely a leftist conspiracy, it is important to understand the Janus-faced nature of the Deep State. Right wing operatives function in similar fashion and receive covert political support from the Republicans and financial backing from oligarchs such as the Koch brothers. The pro-Trump Qanon movement also has millions of followers and is run from its core by Deep State agents.

Interestingly, the Qanon cabal insists they are the “real” Anonymous, calling their members “anons” and using the phrase “we are legion.”

Illustration by D. Thomas Magee

Anonymous begs to differ of course, calling QAnon “a deformed Alex Jones conspiracy thought bubble.”

“QAnon is nothing like Anonymous, and the pro-Trump, anti-resistance, militantly neo-conservative, pedophile-obsessed, anti-immigrant conspiracy cult stands for everything Anonymous opposes. The group’s rhetoric mirrors that of Alex Jones with its false, hysterical calls to action regarding Democrats, “illegals,” Muslims, and armed insurrection.”

Each side of conspiracy participants accuses the other of respective left/right wing conspiracy theorising.

Do you perceive a pattern here?

They are all Deep State agents. Their propaganda wings differ in no way from the mainstream Mock King bird media, dividing and distracting the public day in day out. All while the special interests advance their covert agendas.

The oligarchs have set up warring factions that each follow their respective mock king and have turned them against each other. “I hate Trump” versus “I hate Biden” factions currently threaten to tear apart the US and consequently the western world.

Why do the oligarchs do this?

To render western civilisation more amenable to corporate takeover.

Dark Winter of Discontent

This video and accompanying script presented and written by Derrick Broze for the Last American Vagabond shares a chilling message regarding the potential for chaos in the US and consequently the world in the immanent future. Stark indications abound of the intent of the Deep State to inaugurate a constitutional crisis and civil unrest in the “land of the free.”

If you think protests and fights between extreme leftists and extreme right wingers are contentious, just wait until they both feel shafted during the presidential election.

Those opposed to Trump will claim Biden won and Trump is attempting to steal the election and create a fascist dictatorship.

The Trump supporters will say the Satanic Radical Leftist Democrats are attempting a coup to establish a Communist Police State.

The result will be neighbor turning against neighbor, family members disowning one another, and some political activists may escalate their tactics from protests to violence.”

Mask of Conformity

The long-prepared response to this chaos will be martial law and acceleration of the planetary police state.

Just as in the film series – “The Purge”, the ruling elite will benefit from the engineered disruption to society and the economy followed by longing for the return of order out of chaos.

The supra-national entity behind the US and Red China also conceals itself behind the Masque of the Red Death – the mysterious disease, the pre-text for the entire planetary police state response.

What kind of mask is this?

Rebecca Busack outlines the power of masks:

“A mask. What is a mask? When one thinks of it, they see ornate designs, tribal masks from Africa, Halloween masks, opera masks, and even masks worn by dancers and seen in Noh theatre. But what of the masks that are not physical? The ones we wear every day, or the ones we put in place when attending a ritual or event? A mask can be both physical, as well as symbolic.”

The supra-national Deep-State, which wears masks behind masks, has now ordained that humanity must also don masks.

Masks are often used in ritual to ward away evil spirits. Sometimes the masks are worn to transform the identity to that of the being represented by the mask. Other times the masks themselves represent the diseases that cause the sickness.

What do Covid masks represent?


People are being tricked on mass to wear masks that they are led to believe will ward away an evil spirit. In fact, they are having their identity assimilated into that of an institution that has itself been corrupted and co-opted by a nefarious entity.  

These masks also represent the real plague that has caused and will cause the deaths and disruption to society, the fear and the relinquishing of free will on an unprecedented scale.

Once the Covid zombies are in thrall, the witch doctors will then bring out their bad medicine – the gene-altering drugs, themselves guised as vaccines, that will transform the zombies into the very entity that they are trying to ward off so that their protective spirits, their immune systems, will be confused and attack their own wards and create a pathway for the virus.

To break the evil spell, we must remove our masks, all of them, our petty egos, so we can see through those worn by the supra-national Deep State and free those still in thrall to it.

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