A Study in Infra-Red part 33 – The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

We must widen our gaze beyond the official narrative depicting the disorganized scramble for independence of the African states, marred with turmoil as the colonial governments withdrew. We must look through the corners of our eyes to perceive the traces left behind by Deep State agents who, at the behest of Big Oil, covertly destabilized, discredited and overthrew the non-compliant new nation states and installed pet dictators.

A Study in Infra-Red part 31 -Murder on the Polar Express?

The CryoSat study, measuring the severity of the loss of Arctic ice thickness and carried out by a team of scientists led by University College London in 2013, deserves to go down in the annals of history for being unique in more ways than one. The co-author, Katharine Giles, shortly after the paper was published in early 2013, was killed in collision with a lorry when cycling to work in London. This event, tragedy though it was, would not stand out were it not for the fact that her closest colleague and mentor, Professor Seymour Laxon, working on the same study, had died on New Year’s Day of the same year, after suffering brain damage in a fall the day before. These two deaths and one other, that of Oceanographer, Dr Tim Boyd killed by a lightning strike in Argyll, Scotland on the 27th January, compelled a Cambridge Professor to make the remarkable claim that they may have all been assassinated.

A Study in Infra-Red part 22 Hordes of Hurricanes

In August 2017, the most extreme precipitation event in American history was witnessed before the world’s very eyes. This mightiest of wind storms parked itself over the Texas coast, obliterated oil fields, wrecked rigs and refineries, released enough water to fill a trillion-gallon hat, washed away lives and livelihoods and the mediarologists barely batted their lids. Harvey was followed by Irma, Jose, Maria and Lee. All major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher. In this warming world, with perfect storms without precedence, of ever greater intensity, brewed from oceans transformed into gigantic heat reservoirs, it should be no surprise when one eventually turns up at your door. However, surprises a plenty are in store.

A Study in Infra-Red part 21 Jacked Frost

We have established that two modes of climate modification are the real cause of the extreme fluctuations in weather and the accompanying distortions in the jet stream that we have been experiencing of late. Cooling climate modification, the blue pill , operates by forcing high cloud to precipitate and augment lower cloud. One way to ensure that enough ice entrains onto the numerous ice nuclei is to drastically reduce the ambient temperatures at the levels and regions they are dispersed into.

A Study in Infra-Red part 20 – Weirding the Weather God

Integrating our vision of the two opposing forms of geoengineering, we can see that the red pill, warming modification shifts the jet stream towards the pole whilst the blue pill, cooling modification shifts the jet stream toward the equator. The interplay between the two, the warming modification acting as the “background”, interspersed with periodic cooling interventions, these opposing forms of climate engineering give rise to the weird jet stream configurations that have been observed in recent times.

A Study in Infra-Red part 19 Warping the Weather Machine

Climate scientists claim that global warming amplifies the risk factors for extreme weather events such as floods and droughts. Rising temperatures increase evaporation and evapotranspiration which adds moisture to the atmosphere whilst taking it from soil, plants and water bodies, increasing the frequency and intensity of droughts. As the atmosphere holds more water, the risk of extreme rainfall events increases. Under our hypothesis positing the introduction of an over-seeding regime of aerosols into the upper atmosphere, this retention of water followed by eventual deluges would be greatly exacerbated.