A Study in Infra-Red part 20 – Weirding the Weather God

Integrating our vision of the two opposing forms of geoengineering, we can see that the red pill, warming modification shifts the jet stream towards the pole whilst the blue pill, cooling modification shifts the jet stream toward the equator. The interplay between the two, the warming modification acting as the “background”, interspersed with periodic cooling interventions, these opposing forms of climate engineering give rise to the weird jet stream configurations that have been observed in recent times.

A Study in Infra-Red part 13 The Spectral Hound 1970 – Now

The British climate expert, Hubert Lamb, wrote an article in 1971 entitled “Climate-engineering schemes to meet a climatic emergency.” I put it to you that scientists in the 70’s were aware of this coming low sunspot phase of prolonged duration and instigated a campaign to prepare for it by means of melting the Arctic and warming the climate.