Deep Empire Part 2: Fathers of the Revolution

It is no coincidence that, hot on the heels of the monopoly on money creation handed to the bankers were the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, which both took off in the 18th century. These revolutions were driven in large part by the Empire’s embroilment in perpetual warfare financed by the private banks and their creation, … Continue reading Deep Empire Part 2: Fathers of the Revolution

Ex-Nihilo: Monopoly Counterfeiting UK

Long ago the Bank of England, the model for virtually all central banks in the world today, was granted a monopoly on magic monopoly money – the power to conjure money from the very air and lend it out at interest. Today, the Bank plays more of a symbolic role as the regulator and overseer of the UK private banking system. The real power to create money has been transferred to private banks. Paper money has been replaced with electrons. When private banks make loans, they simply type numbers and enter them into electronic deposit accounts. These electrons function as 97% of the money in our economy.

A Study in Infra-Red part 34 – Web of Corruption

Perhaps the sleaziest bank in history, this offshore dark heart of corruption, modelled after the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and multinational corporations, laundered dirty money and funneled it to spooks, arms and drug traffickers, crooked officials, dictators, financial fraudsters and puppet terrorists. It operated very much like the Mafia, or rather it is more accurate to say that the Mafia operated very much like it, the BCCI being a far more powerful organization.

A Study in Infra-Red part 1: Phil-anthropogenic Global Warming

A constellation of evidence points towards the reality of an ongoing, clandestine, climate modification campaign, originating, at the very least, from the 1970’s, of unprecedented proportions and the utmost audacity and arrogance. Its overarching aim is to convert the Arctic ice into a meltwater, opening it up for its vast resources of oil, gas and minerals and to alter the global climate to one more favourable to the northern temperate zones and less favourable to equatorial and semi-tropical zones. The scientific establishment up to 1975 seemed also to have been concerned that the earth was entering a long-term Ice age. This may have been a genuine concern but may also have been a means of drumming up support.

Guise and Dolls part 2 – Weighing Straw Mannequins

In the previous post, I outlined an alternative take on the infamous “Gunpowder Plot”. As I shall argue at a later stage, this event, like few others, reverberates through time to our present day in ways that have profoundly altered the fabric of society. In light of such a claim, and in keeping with the lofty title of this website, we are required to subject the case to a more Sherlockian analysis. In doing so we will also acquaint ourselves with the principles of deduction employed by the immortal detective.