Subverting George Monbiot’s Narrative

In 2015, Guardian columnist George Monbiot penned a scathing attack upon the growing grassroots movement protesting the circus in the sky. He still refers to this article of his whenever someone brings up this topic to him again. Therefore I have addressed the points that he made (in italics) one piece at a time.

Cloud Wake – Catastrophic Forcing

Contrails are artificially-induced cirrus clouds. Like cirrus clouds they form from ice nucleating on small particles at around 10 km, cruise altitude. These particles, known as ice nuclei, play an essential role in contrail formation. The core of each ice crystal is thus, not ice. Claiming that contrails “are essentially ice” is false and disingenuous, as it leaves out the essential role of these tiny seeds, without which, contrails, contrail cirrus and aviation-induced clouds would simply not occur.

A Study in Infra-Red part 14 Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

We have established earlier in this study that the phenomenon of a sky cross-hatched with “contrail-clouds” had in fact been observed as early as the 1950’s. It can be speculated that these operations were much intensified by 1998 for people to notice them so readily but I also posit that, in the anomalously cool regions identified above, including the eastern US, an opposing form of geoengineering had begun to take place. This form entailed reducing high-cloud cover and enhancing low-cloud cover, resulting in an overall cooling effect. Indeed, the fact that lower clouds were enhanced likely contributed to the number of people noticing.

A Study in Infra-Red part 7 Counterfeiting Clouds

The aerial circus going on above our heads for over half a century may be an attempt to enhance cirrus cloud cover across the globe for the purposes of warming the underlying atmosphere as part a very deliberate and historically unprecedented campaign to modify the climate. This is in direct contrast to geoengineering proposals to mitigate global warming which suspiciously exhibit similar methodology to that being employed to bring it about.