The Power of Pots and Pans

A 3.5% Solution

In addition to pseudo-waves of a pseudo-epidemic, real waves of protest are sweeping across the US and Canada, Russia, Europe – including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, and the UK. Participants have numbered from the hundreds (usually according to mainstream media) to the tens of thousands (usually according to reality). Although you wouldn’t believe this if you just watched the BBC. These brave souls have had enough of their civil liberties stripped away and are the polar opposite to the “compliant gimps of a fascist state” as James Delingpole refers to lockdown enthusiasts and collaborators.

They know something that the gimp doesn’t, that lockdown policies are not in the public interest. Such sentiments are echoed best in the words of Kulvinder Kaur MD:

“Lockdowns are anti-health. This must be repeated over and over: lockdowns are anti-health. Lockdowns are anti-health, anti-public health, anti-scientific, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, anti-prosperity, anti-equality, anti-morality, anti-humanity. Lockdowns are anti-human.”

They know that this is it. They may never get the chance to do this again.

In Denmark where protests have been ongoing since the 9th November, it seems that they have had enough of an impact to persuade the government to rethink its law on mandatory vaccination.

One should never underestimate the power of prolonged protesting on pots and pans, banged in multitude and unison.

Revolutionary Research

Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan are two scholars who don’t. Backed up by their research, they concluded that large-scale protests of a non-violent nature are the best ways to uproot entrenched political power.

Originally cynical of the notion that nonviolent protests could be more powerful than armed conflict, Chenowith turned a sceptical eye towards the success rates of nonviolent campaigns when compared to violent ones over a hundred-year period. She and her colleague Maria Stephan reviewed 323 non-violent and violent campaigns attempting to bring about regime change from 1906 to 2006. Success was measured in terms of the movement’s attainment of its goals within a year of peak engagement. No regime change resulting from foreign military intervention was counted as a success.

A campaign was considered violent if any physical harm to people was carried out such as shootouts, bombings, kidnappings, and any damage to property and infrastructure.

It was found that nonviolent campaigns led to political change 53% of the time, twice as often compared to violent campaigns which had a 26% success rate.

The nonviolent campaigns attracted on average 200,000 participants, four times the number of the typical violent campaign, which drew around 50,000.

Nonviolent protests do not require a supply of weapons, nor secretive underground operations, nor physically fit participants, unafraid of bloodshed. They can draw upon people from a significantly broader demographic, causing severe disruption to the functioning of society.

Building on the foundations laid by such figures as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, non-violent resistance campaigns operate from a morally higher ground of peaceful demonstrations and marches, general strikes, boycotts of products or companies and non-compliance with unjust laws or orders. Certainly, the early stages of such protests require courage, especially in an atmosphere of governmental repression. However, as numbers grow in a positive feedback loop, the level of physical danger decreases proportionally. Increasing visibility of such campaigns also make it easier for people to coordinate and get directly involved.

Such support across the population has a greater chance of winning over members of the police and military – groups that the repressing government relies on to maintain order. These members will be more likely to fear for their family members and friends in the crowds, especially when the numbers approach critical mass. After this point has been reached, they become concerned about themselves as they finally see which way the wind is blowing.

Chenowith and Stephan found that regime violence against both non-violent and violent campaigns has no statistical effect on their outcome. The nonviolent campaigns are far likelier to succeed than violent ones in the face of repression.

This is because non-violent campaigns encourage security force loyalty shifts and defections which make them 46 times more likely to succeed.

They also found that overt external state support for the campaign has no effect on the success of non-violent campaigns but triples the chances for violent campaigns.

International sanctions were also found to have no effect on the probability of success for non-violent campaigns. However, they doubled the probability of violent conflicts achieving their objectives.

Perhaps most remarkably, they found that external state support for the target regime itself does not disadvantage nonviolent or violent campaigns.

Corrupt Polities

The polity rating of the country also has an influence. Each one-unit increases the chances of success for a non-violent campaign by 23% and for a violent campaign by about 7%. Chenowith argues that this is consistent with the view that democratic regimes are sensitive to constituent demands.

However, as we know, the Western countries, including the UK and the US are not deserving of the “full democracy” rating of 10 that they seem to have self-awarded themselves.

As Aristotle stated:

“For the real difference between democracy and oligarchy is poverty and wealth. Wherever men rule by reason of their wealth, whether they be few or many, that is an oligarchy, and where the poor rule, that is a democracy.”

Western countries are oligarchies masquerading as democracies. These neo-feudal deep states rely primarily on the deception of their gullible populations to maintain their parasitical ruling classes at the top of the food chain. No constituent demands are met through the channels that they control.

This is perhaps why non-violent campaigns, bypassing the controlled channels, have greater potential for success in such countries. The participants of such campaigns tend to have the degree of perception necessary to pierce through the veil of illusion pulled over the populaces’  eyes. As the means to rule is primarily based on deception, the ruling class will concede when they know the game is truly up. In this sense, the regime is sensitive to constituent levels of awareness.

All that is required, is that critical mass of awareness and engagement.

The Magic Threshold

Once around 3.5% of the whole population has begun to participate actively, success appears to be inevitable according to Chenowith’s “3.5% rule”:

“There weren’t any campaigns that had failed after they had achieved 3.5% participation during a peak event.”

The 47% of non-violent campaigns that did fail, never attained enough support to maintain resilience under repression and uproot the power base of the adversarial government. Even some relatively large nonviolent protests failed such as those against the communist party in East Germany during the 1950s. At their peak they reached 400,000 participants which was around 2% of the population.

Only the threshold of 3.5% would seem to guarantee success.

In the UK this would mean around 2.3 million people actively engaging out of a population of 67 million.

In the US, this would require 11 million participants out of a population of 328.2 million.

In the world, this would entail the engagement of 273 million protesters out of a population of 7.8 billion.

Within one year of the crossing of this threshold, victory is assured.

Barriers to Critical Mass

The Deep State in desperation, has now resorted to banning peaceful protest, a fundamental right of democratic peoples.

Freedom of speech and the right to protest peacefully are protected by UK law. Nor does the failure to notify authorities or seek authorization render the assembly unlawful.

However, restrictions can be placed on these to the point where meaningful legal protest becomes impossible. Such restrictions are put in place if they are deemed “necessary” and “proportionate” in the interests of national security and public safety and health.

You can see where this is going. By utilising fraudulent statistics to impose draconian lockdown policies in response to the pseudo-epidemic and in the name of public health, the corrupt state can “justify” anything on its fascist agenda.

Coach loads of protesters were stopped on the motorway on their way to the London protests on the 28th November. Police were waiting at Kings Cross station to harass the masses.

As we have seen, the strategy adopted is of great importance, engaging people from all walks of life and drawing defecting security service personnel to the cause. A media of integrity plays a key role in communicating the truth to the population.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the mockingbird mainstream media has been the primary means of warding away the truth and weaving a tapestry of lies across the world, run in the background by deep state intelligence agencies, corrupt governments, security services, health institutions, pharmaceutical corporations and financial interests.

Free-thinkers, much maligned as “conspiracy theorists,” independent media, courageous journalists, doctors and scientists are all that have stood in the way of this monopolization of truth. And their actions have begun to bear fruit, as some mainstream media outlets seem to be defecting. A few MPs, powerless as they now seem to be, have also seen which way the wind is blowing.

Another major barrier is the warped police behaviour at demonstrations and marches in the UK. If you can find mainstream coverage it usually talks of “rioting” and “turning violent” when the rioting and the violence is entirely on the part of the police. These jackals masquerading as uniformed officers prowl on the outskirts of peaceful protesters in predatory packs and prey on straggling, isolated participants. Once they have a victim, they form a “protective” circle around their psychotic colleagues as they abuse the hapless individual. These sickening scenes of real police brutality smack of desperation. Behind all this there is a growing fear of these campaigns for freedom attaining critical mass.

We can contrast this behaviour with that earlier this year, during the first wave of the pseudo-epidemic, when the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests were ongoing with around 210,000 people taking part across the UK. Some of the UK police (as those elsewhere) actually took a knee in solidarity. No officer so much as scuffed the shoes of a BLM participant. On other occasions the police ran away.

It would seem that the BLM protests were facilitated in a fashion analogous to a “controlled burn” – a deliberate fire started to contain larger fires by clearing out flammable material. In this way, the social engineers attempted to clear out residual anger and frustration built up as a result of the first lockdown in order to prevent demonstrations on a greater scale. They were also successful in sowing division and racial mistrust, misdirecting people and framing all protests as destructive, requiring police state crackdowns. They have evidently learned from Chenowith’s research that campaigns that are violent, or perceived to be violent, draw in less numbers and have half the chance of success. Racial tensions have actually increased as a result of these protests.

The movement has, of course, mostly peacefully motivated individuals but it has been hijacked by agents who operate in the interests of people who have concerns other than police brutality and racism. These provocateurs are not ideologically motivated groups of individuals, they are well-equipped, organised, masked automatons of uniformity who attack, pillage and loot with strategic precision, engendering real anarchy and chaos. Even the 2000 “far-right” counter-protesters who turned out to defend the monuments in London were likely infiltrated and run by the very same types of intelligence operatives steering the BLM protestors. As well as staging violence in an attempt to steer a protest in the wrong direction, these operatives engage in other co-intel activities such as spying and sowing mistrust and division within the target organization. The covert operatives during the London anti-lockdown protests, who had infiltrated the protesters, played the role of pied pipers, leading groups off in the wrong direction, into dead ends and police traps. Divide et impera.

In fact, a significant number of the campaigns studied by Chenowith and Stephan were themselves co-opted by western intelligence agencies and used to destabilize non-compliant nations under the guise of supporting  “pro-democracy” opposition movements. Overt state support may have no effect on non-violent campaigns but covert deep state support is another matter. The “Color Revolutions” feature a familiar template where contested elections form the touch paper for covertly orchestrated regime change. This is happening before our very eyes in the US as BLM movement and Antifa steer the left-leaning masses from protesting racism and police toward supporting Joe Biden, while the right-leaning masses are steered toward Donald Trump. Whatever the final outcome, the result will be civil unrest. Perhaps it is the unrest itself that is the desired endgame.

All this doesn’t change the fact that, if freedom is to survive, non-violent campaigns of resistance reaching the critical threshold have the greatest chance of success.

These campaigns, whether engineered or not, require the participation of genuine individuals. It is in these genuine individuals where the hope lies.

How does a protest attain such a level of participation even in the face all this opposition and repression?

The Cause

The most important factor is the nature and urgency of the cause itself.

7.8 billion Venn diagrams converge on freedom, even for those who are too foolish to realize it.

The costs of losing that freedom are too high for humanity to endure.

This is why the Supra-National Deep State has sealed its own fate. In its attempt to trigger the Great Reset, it has also triggered the Great Awakening. Their World War III, the war to end all wars, will be the war of the soul fought by the people against the soulless ruling class.

I even sometimes entertain the notion that some of its members know this, and secretly yearn for it.

But then I turn my gaze back to the task at hand.

3.5% of active engagement may seem like a small minority but it also means that many more are in agreement with the cause.

I find inspiration from the writings of the scientist Masuru Emoto, who in conversation with another scientist – Professor Hideo Higa, an expert in microbiology, learnt that within the world of microorganisms, 10% of microorganisms are harmful. However, there are also only 10 percent of beneficial microorganisms. The remaining 80 percent were referred to as “wait-and-see” microorganisms. They watch until either the good or the bad microorganisms emerge as the victors, and they join the stronger of the two.

Emoto found a correlation in human society, where there are people who have the ability and feel the call to make this world a better place, about 10%. Many of these people have not yet fully awakened to their potential. As more and more of these people awaken, the vast majority of the population – about 80% – will also join their numbers.

In the UK, that beneficial 10% would number around 6,700,000.

Just 2.3 million of these courageous souls are all it would take to secure victory in the UK.

In the US, the beneficial 10% would number around 33,100,000.

Just 11 million of these courageous souls are all it would take to secure victory in the US.

In the world, the beneficial 10% would number around 780,000,000.

Just 273 million of these courageous souls are all it would take to secure victory across the world and crush the globalist agenda once and for all.

The numbers in opposition to such campaigns, the security services, be they police, military, co-intel operatives or agent provocateurs are miniscule in comparison to these figures. No matter what treacherous tactics are deployed, if enough people gather together in symbolic locations, the game is up.

People just need to be convinced that:

  • this is the most important and urgent cause in the history of humanity – freedom itself,
  • it is perfectly possible and necessary to protect freedom by means of non-violent campaigns.

Synchronous demonstrations and marches up and down the country at key locations, mass non-compliance, boycotts, strikes and the resounding thunder of pots and pans.

The world music that strikes a resonant chord in the hearts of the many and causes those of tyrants to tremble.

If this article resonates with you then please pass it on.

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