A Study in Infra-Red part 33 – The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

“That is not danger,” said he [Moriarty]. “It is inevitable destruction.  You stand in the way not merely of an individual, but of a mighty organisation, the full extent of which you, with all your cleverness, have been unable to realise.  You must stand clear, Mr. Holmes, or be trodden underfoot.”

Professor Moriarty – The Final Problem

The Special Operations Executive (SOE), nicknamed The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare and, perhaps more appropriately for this study, The Baker Street Irregulars, due to its London HQ on Baker street, was formed in 1940 under the Ministry of Economic Warfare for espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Europe (and later, also in occupied Southeast Asia) against the Axis powers, and to aid local resistance movements.”

The US had its own version called the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), of which Allen Dulles was a member. The OSS later evolved into the CIA.

After the dissolution of the SOE in 1946, key members either moved into financial services in the City of London or were absorbed into MI6.

However, the “stay-behind” networks of “resistance” – guerilla warfare and sabotage, remained in place, ostensibly to organize resistance in countries potentially overrun by a Soviet invasion. MI6, ex-members of the SOE, and the Special Air Service (SAS) continued to train and equip these secret armies.

Interestingly, the Axis powers had their own units operating in a similar fashion. The Nazis named their secret guerrilla organization Werwolf. It was trained and manned by members of the SS (notably Otto Skorzeny) and the Hitler youth. Indeed, Hitler’s own Sturmabteilung, literally Storm Detachment, also known as the Brown Shirts, was a secret paramilitary guerilla organization that went public and supported his rise to power.

Much suppressed is the fact that the financing for these street thugs came from US industrial oligarchs and corporations such as Henry Ford, I.G Farben, General Electric and Standard Oil (now Exxon) up to 1944.

All this is rather ironic considering that during the Nazi occupation, resistance fighters (local and foreign) were considered “bandits” and “terrorists” and had no legal rights. Even more ironic however, is the fact that after these surviving secret Axis units had been tracked down and defeated, some of them were recruited into the new anti-Soviet stay-behind networks.

The Brotherhood

In 1951, to this end, MI6 and the CIA took control of the foundations of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was originally formed in 1928 as a Pan-Islamic, religious and social movement which later became political and aimed to end British colonial control of Egypt and restore the Caliphate. Although ostensibly neutral during WWII, it secretly allied itself with the Nazis as an intelligence service but later served intelligence on Germany to the British. The Brotherhood’s ruthless nature had been revealed when it had assassinated the Egyptian Prime Minister in 1945 and the next one in 1948. The following year 1949, saw Hassan al-Banna, the leader himself, killed in retaliation. The Deep State saw the brotherhood as a useful tool for political assassinations and subterfuge and so resurrected it as part of the attempt to organize the world against the Soviets. Nationalists believed to be hostile to the USSR were supported in carrying out coups d’état such as in Damascus 1949 and Cairo 1953.

The new leader of the Muslim Brotherhood – Sayyid Qutb, developed the ideology of jihad, holy war,as a foundation for military organization and martial deployment of innumerable, brainwashed soldiers to control the nationalist Arab governments of the Middle East and destabilise the Islamic regions of the USSR. Qutb had been tasked with assassinating Nasser during the coup d’état in Egypt. He failed and when Nasser took power in 1954 and subdued the Brotherhood, Qutb was arrested, to be hanged a few years later.

Having been ousted from its base in Egypt, the Brotherhood retreated to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirate of Sharjah – the Wahhabi states and to Europe, Germany, France, the UK and Switzerland. They were welcomed in these states as Western agents against Arab nationalists and the Soviet Union. From their new bases, a Mosque in Munich particularly, they directed the destabilisation of the Caucasus and Central Asia

Extreme measures were also required to retain puppets in power. Ex- SS General Otto Skorzeny was sent by the CIA to Egypt, and Ex-Nazi General Fazlollah Zahedi to Iran along with hundreds of ex-Gestapo officers, to train the respective police of each country to enforce the most brutal, cruel and oppressive regimes (Zahedi helped create the SAVAK) in an effort to counter communist influence.

The closure of the Suez canal in 1956, the same year that Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest, by President Nasser of Egypt was to mark the birth of Pan-Arab nationalism.

As two-thirds of Europe’s oil passed through the canal, the British, French and Israelis’ responded aggressively but were forced to withdraw under US and Soviet pressure. However, the Seven Sisters took the profits from the sharp rise in crude oil prices and invested in a new generation of super-tankers which now transported oil along the Cape of Good Hope. They then decided to cut the buying price of oil under the pretext of overproduction. This was the final straw for the subjugated states.

In 1960, representatives from Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Kuwait met in Baghdad and formed the Organization of Petroleum Exporting CountriesOPEC, a cartel of nations to compete with the Seven Sisters’ cartel of private corporations. Others flocked to the banner. Today, Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, the Republic of the Congo, United Arab Emirates also number among them, with Indonesia as a former member. Two-thirds of OPEC’s oil comes from the Persian Gulf countries with Saudi-Arabia as the de-facto leader. Faced with this challenge, the Seven Sisters, whilst pouring scorn upon this “belligerent conglomerate”, secretly began devising insidious schemes to reduce OPEC’s bargaining power. Although, at this point, they still controlled around 85% of the world’s petroleum, they knew that OPEC presented a real threat to their global hegemony.

Let Slip the Dogs of War

How do we explain this stolen march to power initiated during the period of supposed decolonization of Africa in the 1950s and 1960s?

We must widen our gaze beyond the official narrative depicting the disorganized scramble for independence of the African states, marred with turmoil as the colonial governments withdrew. We must look through the corners of our eyes to perceive the traces left behind by Deep State agents who, at the behest of Big Oil, covertly destabilized, discredited and overthrew the non-compliant new nation states and installed pet dictators.

One of the responses of the oil cartels to this surge in nationalistic resistance was a covert military expansion, beginning with a boom in the number of “Private Contractors” (Mercenaries) recruited. The mercenary has been around for as long as his female counterpart, the prostitute, but his modern manifestation can be traced back to the period when the colonial powers began to withdraw, unleashing a wave of independence across the African continent. In many cases this abrupt withdrawal was a cynical ruse to set up a power vacuum which could be exploited to secure assets still covertly coveted by the colonialists.

The wealthy puppet rulers of the states under supervision from the cartels used their oil-money to buy soldiers and arms to maintain their oppressive regimes and the corporate stranglehold on resources. Imperialism went covert, as black as the devil’s excrement. These soldiers not only trained local troops but also took an active part in wars and crushing revolutionary groups. On a deeper layer yet, in the great game of divide and conquer, other soldiers trained and led revolutionary groups, funded, infiltrated and often created from scratch by the intelligence agencies and the cartels.

The reanimation of mercenaries was followed by the rise of mercenary corporations – Private Military Companies (PMCs) in the 1960’s began with WatchGuard International, founded in Britain by ex- Special Air Service (SAS) officers led by their founder David Stirling, and the American Dyncorp. Originally more circumspect in whom they lent their support to, cartel corruption quickly set in.

Ruling puppets were installed in Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Gabon, Chad, the Congo, Cameroon, and Angola to secure the sources of the Devil’s excrement in these regions with the governments receiving a tiny share, enough to enrich the elite but not the starving populace they were imposed upon. “Stable” and “secure” puppet regimes, entirely due to corruption engendered by the oil cartels. Woe betide any independently-minded leaders who sought to reestablish the sovereign rights of their nation. War and strife ensued – the cartels funding guerilla movements and regimes, both supporting and toppling rulers as they saw fit. Arming, training and leading divided factions and then setting them against each other, the plunderers have sown murder, mayhem and misery across Africa in their ruthless pursuit of power and wealth.

“Dick Cheney may have said God didn’t see fit to give oil to democracies but the Americans have never really wanted to set up democratic regimes in oil-rich countries. It’s much easier to exploit the wealth of others when you have the complicity of a dictator.”

Xavier Houzel

Oil trader

Midnight in the Congo

A case in point being the Belgians in the Congo, set to leave in 1960. The democratically elected leader, Patrice Lumumba, first of his kind in Africa, faced a deep state puppet in the form of Moise Tshombe, governor of Katanga, the state with the lion’s share of mineral wealth. The Belgians and the British along with their giant mining conglomerate Union Miniere and, later, the French, backed Tshombe, promising him military support and mercenaries if he would break away. Notable amongst the investors in copper and uranium in the region were the Rockefellers, the Guggenheims and C. Douglas Dillon.

Lumumba sought help from the US, the USSR and the UN. The US refused, the USSR offered arms, but he found a kindred spirit in Dag Hammarskjold, the UN Secretary-General who sent in an expeditionary force.

The CIA, headed by Allen Dulles, distant cousin and former lawyer to the Rockefellers, portrayed Lumumba as a communist on the grounds that he had appealed for help to the Russians. This was the flimsy pretext that they used to justify the “replacement” of Lumumba with a pro-Western candidate. They chose Colonel Josef Mobutu to lead a coup and arrest him. However, the UN prevented the arrest by surrounding Lumumba’s house with troops. Whilst the UN battled with Mobuto’s forces, Lumumba, unwisely, escaped but was captured by Mobutu with the help of the CIA, who also sent two assassins to finish their work. At this point, Russian planes started to arrive with supplies and arms. As John F. Kennedy, in sympathy with Lumumba, was about to be inaugurated, the decision was made to move him to Tshombe in Katanga where certain torture and death awaited him.The CIA kept the murder of Lumumba away from President Kennedy for a month before he learned of it from the UN ambassador. He was devastated.

Undeterred, Hammarskjold stepped up the UN presence in the Congo and authorized the use of force to expel all foreign troops. While England and France supported the UN effort with their lips, they subverted it with sleight of hand deployment of third-party agents. The British funneled mercenaries, arms and supplies from Rhodesia to Tshombe, whilst the French OAS, a terrorist group of army veterans who had split off from Charles De Gaulle, also made their way to Katanga.

In 1961, after flying into the Congo, Hammarskjold was asked to meet with Tshombe to agree on a cease-fire, in the midst of a battle between Irish UN troops and the mercenaries.The meeting was to take place, with no reporters alerted, in Ndola, a city in British-controlled Rhodesia.

As Hammarskjold’s plane approached the airport and descended from 16,000 feet to 6,000 feet, it vanished…

It was found the next day, a burnt wreck about 10 miles away. All aboard save one were discovered dead. Harold Julien would pass away in 6 days’ time, but not before revealing that the plane was in flames before it crashed.

When the bodies were recovered from the wreckage, 6 of them were found to have bullets in them. The British-controlled Rhodesian authorities made the remarkable claim that the ammunition onboard had exploded in the heat and managed to penetrate the bodies, contrary to the statement made by the authority on ballistics, Major C. F. Westell:

“I can certainly describe as sheer nonsense the statement that cartridges of machine guns or pistols detonated in a fire can penetrate a human body.”

Hammarskjold’s briefcase, not found in the plane, was later to turn up in the hands of Baron Alport, the British High Commissioner to Rhodesia and UK Privy Councillor (Deep Politician). It was Alport, along with his colleague Roy Welensky, who had been covertly funneling mercenaries from Rhodesia to Katanga.

Ace in the Hole

All the passengers were severely burned save one, Dag Hammarskjold.

Mysteriously, there was a playing card, the ace of spades placed in his tie.

In folklore, the ace of spades is the death card.

The bullets in the bodies, the ace of spades, and the missing briefcase all suggest that the crash scene had been visited before the official first responders arrived.

However, the “ace in the hole” was the literal bullet hole in Hammarskjold’s forehead as testified by Major General Bjorn Egge, the head of the UN military information mission. This hole did not appear in the autopsy photos, but two forensic experts claimed that they had been retouched.

In poker, when a card is dealt face down and kept hidden it is called a “hole card”, the most propitious card being an ace. Was this the “ace in the hole” of the assassins or of the case against them?

Before the UN passengers met their end, there had been “underhand things going on” at the airport according to a Rhodesian air squadron leader. Baron Alport, was situated below the control tower and 18 Rhodesian planes and 2 American planes were on the airfield with engines running. When the plane did not land, Alport sent the airport staff home and the search and rescue did not occur until the following morning.

Several witnesses later reported a second plane and a flash in the sky. These reports were omitted by the Rhodesian authorities but the UN also received such accounts of a second plane, above and behind a larger plane, presumably Hammarskjold’s.

The Rhodesian’s report concluded that the crash was down to pilot error, the UN did not blame the pilot, but remained undecided, whilst the Swedish government and others, held that the plane had been shot down or blown up. Indeed, Chief Engineer Bo Vivring of Transair had noted damage to the window frame of the cockpit and to the radar nosecone and concluded they were likely bullet holes.

Hammarskjöld himself had received various threats before the flight, and his head of UN forces, Conor Cruise O’Brien had even been subjected to several previous assassination attempts.

Hammarskjöld had switched planes just before the flight to Ndola with Lord Lansdowne of the British Foreign Office.

This implicates the British Deep State, who would have had access to such secure intelligence and may have even engineered the switch themselves.

O’Brien was adamant that Lansdowne had also chosen Ndola as the meeting site although the British government has always vigorously denied this. What else would you expect?

Further evidence turned up in 1997 when the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission uncovered documents indicating a conspiracy named Operation Celeste, between the CIA, MI6 and the para-military force the South Africa Institute for Maritime Research (SAIMR). The most damning of these outlined meetings between the CIA, SAIMR and the British MI6 and Special Operations Executive (SOE). Allen Dulles himself was quoted as agreeing that “Dag is becoming troublesome…and should be removed”, promised “full cooperation from his people” andinsisted I want his removal to be handled more efficiently than was Patrice [Lumumba].”

This evidence was of course dismissed by the British government as Soviet disinformation and admittedly, it does seem rather too convenient for all this damning evidence to be compiled in one place like a movie script. However, it is important to remember that the CIA has already admitted its role in the murder of Patrice Lumumba. As we have seen, the American and British interests worked together to bring down Mossadegh in Iran. Particularly curious though, is the reference to the SOE which was officially disbanded in 1946. This implies that the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, as its name suggests, had continued its existence unofficially.


Paralleling the events in the Middle East and Africa throughout 1960’s, secret armies, engineered into existence by the Anglo-American establishment, unleashed a reign of orchestrated terror throughout Europe. The revelations of Operation Gladio were to blow up in the veiled face of the Deep State in 1990. “Gladio” means “Sword” in Italian. The term referred to the secret army in Italy but later was applied to the whole phenomenon, covering at least 14 European countries under NATO. These secret armies controlled by the CIA, MI6, and the underground SOE, were kept secret from the official government structures. Deeply concerning was the fact that they were involved in anti-democratic agitation and false flag terrorism. Real acts of terrorism were carried out, killing civilians and police officers and then the Deep State would frame a left-wing group such as the “Red Brigades”. In actuality the attack was carried out by right-wing groups affiliated with the secret networks. These kinds of false-flag attacks were carried out in order to promote what is called a “Strategy of Tension”. In addition to discrediting the manufactured enemy, a climate of fear was set up to render the general population submissive and amenable to the state security apparatus. Whilst simultaneously infiltrating, funding, and controlling both right and left-wing groups, the secret networks then set them against each other and the unwitting populace. The term “Gladio” then takes on a new meaning, just as the Gladiatorial arena in the Roman Colosseum was used as spectacle to distract the masses of ancient Rome, so too was this theatre of war deployed in the great game of divide and conquer.

Misplaced Power and Unwarranted Influence

In the same year as Hammarskjold’s murder, during his final address in 1961, Eisenhower, publicly no longer Big Oil’s best friend, warned the nation:

“This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists,and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.” Emphasis mine

Today the leading members of the Military/Industrial ComplexLockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, United Defense Industries, Northrup Grumman, BAE Systems, British Aerospace and the Thales Group, hold and exert, as interlocking components of a giant syndicate that includes the oil cartels, ever more misplaced power and unwarranted influence.

A Study in Infra-Red part 34 – Web of Corruption

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